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1. - 2 v nimh battery voltage Shenzhen battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-20

a lot of people have such doubt: only seven hundred and fifty mah battery capacity, than in the capacity of 1900 mah ni-mh battery, it will not charge lithium battery pack is not durable nimh batteries? In fact this is a myth, rechargeable batteries list about capacity is meaningless, although only seven hundred and fifty mah lithium battery capacity, but its voltage is 3. 7 v, therefore it is in fact the energy capacity & times; Voltage, have 2775 MWH of huge energy; The nimh batteries while capacity is 1900 mah, but only 1 of the voltage. 2 v, that today I'll show you to 1. 2 v nimh battery voltage.

1 daily life use. 2 v nimh batteries, its full of voltage usually is 1. 4 v, discharge voltage is 0. 9V。

1 full of voltage. 4 v, discharge voltage is 0. 9V。 It also suggests that nimh batteries in discharge to zero. 9 v has inconvenience when use, should be charge. Therefore, 0. Is not simply the suspension of discharging voltage is 9 v, can also be treated as the initial voltage of nimh batteries. In practical, as a result of 0. After the 9 v nimh batteries and a few small electric currents, therefore, some nimh batteries will be the initial voltage is set to 0. 8 v is practicable. Full of nimh batteries voltage in 1. The appearance of 4 v, it can be regarded as the highest voltage, but the individual cells also depends on the actual charging ways.

some point is the constant voltage charging, the old way of charging still such a system, usually is set to 1. 4 v, but may be the consequences of this battery reaches 1. 4 v may not charge, in this case, the nimh battery voltage is not nimh battery saturation voltage.

according to the above defects are mainly caused by the charging current, large current charging May 1. 4 v is not filled with electricity. Will look from charge curve, some with 1 c charging of nimh battery capacity reached one thousand percent of the voltage can be goal 1. 53 v, then later turned under the voltage down to 1 again. 4 v near, therefore, 1. 53 v became the highest charging voltage, nickel metal hydride battery chargers are usually a pronounced characteristics, use the set point voltage appears system for charging the deadline.

1。 2 v nimh battery voltage

the minimum voltage within two hundred percent commonly, rechargeable batteries is 1. 2 to 0 v discharge. 96 v for the loss of electricity, you can decide to charge, car radio use is the same truth, but because of low voltage of the car radio has good adaptability, From another perspective and low grade) And lower also can work, just the volume will be much lighter, battery often use under owe voltage will greatly shorten the

1. 2 v nimh battery manufacturers recommend

1. 2 v600 with integrated mah AA electric razor nimh batteries, batteries models: EPT1. 2 v600 with integrated mah two-thirds of aa nimh batteries, nominal voltage: 1. 2 v, nominal capacity is 600 mah, products marked characteristics: high discharge ratio 5 c, marked characteristics: green environmental protection, strong power, high life, high safety

1. 2 v nimh battery application

applications: personal care class electronic equipment, electric shavers, newborn baby clipper

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