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18650 and polymer lithium battery which good

by:dcfpower     2020-11-26

for lithium ion battery technology principle unfamiliar readers, 18650 lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer battery estimate is to listen to at most two words, that the end of 18650 and polymer lithium battery pack which good, today we are together to analyze analysis.

a, 18650 lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer battery which a durable

1. Which durable polymers and 18650 from the first appearance, 18650 belong to cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, polymer battery is attributable to aliens, or square, polymer battery external choose aluminum-plastic film packaging design structure, external structure is relatively weak very easy to cut and 18650 polymer battery charge and discharge standards, 18650, and the use of polymer battery standard, 18650 cycles and polymer standards are the same, similar standard voltage standard structure and office environment consistent with the conditions, in fact most of the points not clear 18650 and polymer battery that is durable.

2。 Polymer and 18650 which is durable, the key still see application environment, if a wireless bluetooth headset even 18650 battery durable also can't let go in, but the dimensions do not restrict conditions, proposed in 18650, is relatively durable.

second, 18650 lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer battery and what your price?

1。 Polymer and 18650 which expensive to high-capacity rechargeable treasure 5000 mah batteries can be used to calculate, 18650 must be at least two parallel can reach 5000 2600 mah, the polymer to do 5000 mah can literally change the range dimension. According to the appearance of you need to make; But now only 18650 panasonic sanyo's single biggest can do 3200 mah, can buy a 5000 mah polymer batteries.

2, equal in polymer much more expensive price, such as domestic: 5000 mah polymer price at $35, 18650 also requires two parallel price at $27, but 18650 higher than risk polymer batteries very easily, I think choose polymer batteries, safe.

3, 18650, and which security polymer battery?

1。 18650 and polymer which security must first understand its battery product structure design, if 18650 lithium batteries and lithium polymer battery in the product structure design is no problem, it would need to find the cause of the charger, under normal circumstances should see 18650 and polymer battery specification requirements for charging current setting of the book, too easy to see battery charging security risks.

2。 18650 and polymer which security also need to see the buyers, the proper use of lithium battery pack can ensure the safety of the battery, the purchaser is obliged to proper use of batteries, this is related to 18650 and polymer which security risks, but the fact that there is no absolute, apple mobile phone lithium battery brand around the world, there is a common problem of lithium-ion batteries, cell phone lithium battery pack as South Korea's samsung group of company market value N several hundred million security risks occur.

3。 Polymer battery choose outside a layer of aluminum film, bag again outside a layer of high temperature tape, polymer found that the greatest security is leakage, short circuit, get a package, the most extreme conditions is burning, the flame. Therefore, compared with 18650 polymer batteries in a safe, more better. But burning may cause security risk, so the proposed using high-capacity rechargeable treasure clients, as far as possible need not the high-capacity rechargeable treasure placed on the pillow, bed these places.

4。 18650 and polymer which security relatively, polymer battery use undeserved burn easily the drum, and 18650 lithium-ion batteries use undeserved easy explosion, it shows the battery as long as incorrect use may have potential safety hazard.

4, 18650, and the polymer which good?

1, 18650, lithium polymer batteries and battery which good return true not good come to the conclusion, but if the improper operation, it is easy to bad again good battery, but in the aspect of cell structure, 18650 battery is easier to assemble some design, and the male supporting materials are on the market, relatively low cost. And polymer battery is more complicated in the structure, besides considering the normal electrical safety performance, but also PACK assembly design, PACK problem when processing the anode ear is easy to break and so on.

2。 Security is not absolute. High quality 18650 batteries is much better than poor polymer batteries, security, so people still want to eyes to identify, batteries, quality assurance, the volume of 18650 than the polymer is big, so on portability, polymer batteries is smaller and lighter.

3。 18650 and polymer which fortunately, from a consumer point of view, may prefer to polymer battery, after all, it's the chance of burning rate smaller 18650 batteries, while 18650 wrong operation, there is a risk of burning explosion, so sometimes maybe before 18650 and polymer which good, more people choose polymer.

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