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18650 batteries and polymer batteries which is durable

by:dcfpower     2020-11-28

only after the comprehensive performance of polymer lithium battery pack and lithium battery pack 18650 analysis can really understands, 18650 which is more durable and polymer lithium battery pack, which is good, relevant details there is in our safety laboratory are lithium battery manufacturer test data, today we will see together to 18650 batteries and polymer batteries which is durable.

polymer which performance is good, and 18650

1, polymer battery material is more complex, 18650 lithium battery pack relatively simple

polymer which is complex and 18650 a very alarming is that security is not absolute. High quality 18650 batteries than the safety of the inferior polymer batteries is good many, therefore consumers still is to polish eyes to identify, batteries, quality assurance, 18650 volume will be larger than the polymer, so from a portable, polymer batteries will be relatively light. Polymer which is more complex, and 18650 relatively polymer battery models and specifications, different models of battery, the battery capacity and battery specifications are not the same, not familiar with polymer lithium battery battery demanders customized programs, polymer battery is much more complex.

2, 18650 assembly in large capacity, the capacity of single polymer batteries

18650 lithium batteries are relatively is relatively single, the battery model because of its basic is same, only is the battery capacity of the battery brand is different, different scientific research and development, 18650 battery manufacturer delivery 18650 lithium batteries brand is not the same, there are usually 2200 mah, 2400 mah, 2600 mah, 2800 mah capacity standards. Fou according to the personage inside course of study says, at present the biggest single section 18650 have to 3400 mah capacity. Selecting 18650 as batteries, mobile charger if it is basic it is above several kinds of specifications and together, now relatively famous also is a few import batteries, such as sung batteries, hisense batteries, konka, batteries, etc. , and the price of homebred 18650 battery with relatively more than import batteries.

3, polymer, and 18650, which is more complicated: polymer battery choose outside a layer of aluminum film, bag again outside a layer of high temperature tape, polymer with the biggest security leakage, short circuit fault, get a package, the worst situation is the formation of combustion, forming the flame. So compared with 18650, polymer batteries in a safe, more better. But burning may cause safety accidents, therefore proposed using mobile charger of the user, as far as possible don't place your mobile charger pillow core, the head of a bed that in some places.

which durable polymers and 18650?

1, 18650 lithium-ion batteries fall

which durable polymers and 18650 from the first style, 18650 exclusively personal to the cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, polymer battery is exclusively personal to the aliens, or square, polymer battery external choose aluminum-plastic film packaging, outside is relatively easy to scratch, vulnerable pits, broken skin, if accidentally will fall to the ground polymer battery, battery anode ear is easy to break. And cylindrical battery case 18650 metal shell, even if it broke a few times there will be no big problem.

2。 18650 and polymer circulating condition are the same

and 18650 polymer battery if all choose the same three yuan materials, polymers and 18650 battery storage condition, polymer and battery charge and discharge of the premise condition, 18650, 18650 and a precondition for the use of polymer battery, 18650 and polymer circulating condition are the same, similar standard voltage standard structure and the working environment to the same situation, in fact most of the points not clear 18650 and polymer battery that is durable.

3, 18650 more durable, battery capacity is larger

polymer and 18650 which is durable, mainly the applications, if a headset bluetooth movement even though 18650 battery durable also can't let go in ah, size without restrictions, however, personal advice in 18650, is relatively durable.

and 18650 polymer battery which good

1, 18650, lithium polymer batteries and battery which is good is not good to conclusions, if improper operation, however, it is a good battery also easy bad, however the battery structure, 18650 battery is easier to design some packaged, and the market has the male collocation of a complete set of materials, cost is relatively low; And polymer battery structure is relatively complex, besides considering the normal electrical safety, but also PACK the appearance of the packaged, PACK problem when processing the anode ear is easy to break and so on these factors.

2, 18650, and the polymer which fortunately, from the perspective of buyers will be more inclined to polymer battery, will have the chance of it burning rate smaller 18650 batteries, while 18650 wrong operation will be burning explosion of security risks, so sometimes maybe before 18650 and polymer which good, more people choose polymer.

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