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18650 battery how dormancy activation, 18650 lithium-ion battery activation method

by:dcfpower     2020-11-18

18650 lithium battery activation sleep mode? 18650 lithium battery activation method. In the safe use of 18650 lithium rechargeable batteries in the battery for a while after the implantation into sleep mode, at the moment capacity can not meet the standard, use time with greatly reduced. But 18650 lithium battery is very easy to shock, need only after 3 - Five times the normal charge and discharge cycle can be excited rechargeable batteries. Considering the characteristic of 18650 lithium battery itself depends on its basically no memory effect, so customers in the mobile phone new 18650 lithium batteries in operation in the process of excited talk is not need special methods and equipment.

18650 lithium batteries sleep mode how to activate the

1, the safe use of original line link power battery, charging operation don't need a safe use of mobile phones.

2, safe use, low voltage charger (30 minutes excitation, rechargeable batteries are safe to use the computer USB charging and charging treasure.

3, can try quick charge one to two hours, and with technical professional detector voltage have rise, if there is a rising can choose with original charger to charge, so that you can shock 18650 lithium batteries.

4, whatever way safe use induced dormancy of 18650 lithium batteries, are not in a hurry to start, proposed charging half an hour after the start, then turn phones into flight mode.

18650 lithium battery activation method

1. 18650 lithium batteries of words does not need special method, 18650 lithium-ion batteries in the normal safe use natural cream. If you insist on using circulating & other; Three times before 12 hours long charge excitation words & throughout; Method, in a sense is there will be no effect.

2。 Can activate phone 18650 with 1865018650 lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries 1865018650 lithium battery voltage does not need too much, in 3. 3 to 3. 7 v, or 18650 lithium battery charging current is too large to

3. Mobile power supply leads are negative to the battery is the cathode can be excited under several words, does not need too long time control can also be excited, excited words after charging voltage can be normal.

4。 Can adopt the method of safe use discharge resistance or discharge. Should be on the safe use of discharge start or stop the extent of resistance the flashlamp discharge can be used to connect the corresponding voltage discharge for a long time, until the flashlamp out when connected immediately.

5。 Try to quick charge one to two hours, and with technical professional detector voltage have rise, if there is a rising can choose with original charger to charge, so that you can shock rechargeable batteries.

about for a long time for a long time without security used 18650 lithium-ion batteries, use digital multimeter in 18650 lithium battery pack is out of voltage measurement, using a mobile phone, universal charger to charge. Many people may feel rechargeable battery is broken, in fact, when rechargeable batteries may not be damaged, just step into sleep mode. 18650 lithium batteries considering the sake of its own discharge voltage will gradually reduce, when the voltage of less than 18650 lithium battery protection board set minimum standards for the threshold voltage, it will automatically cut off the power supply output, at this moment 18650 lithium batteries into the sleep mode.

in the various fields of national economy, 18650 lithium-ion batteries have been widely used in various fields, therefore, must to timely and necessary maintenance of 18650 lithium battery maintenance. Activation is the key of the battery maintenance, after activation can improve life 18650 lithium battery pack pack can be used, significantly reduce the damage of 18650 lithium batteries.

18650 lithium batteries

1. voltage high platform, can make a good lithium battery pack pack

high lithium battery voltage platform: monomer battery voltage to an average of 3. 7 v or 3. 2 v, is approximately equal to three nickel cadmium battery or nickel metal hydride batteries in series voltage, is advantageous to the battery power pack.

2。 Energy than high, weight is light

compared with high energy density batteries, lithium batteries. High energy storage density, at present has reached 460 - 600 wh/kg, it is about 6 - lead-acid batteries Seven times. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries light weight, under the same volume weight is about 1/5 of the lead acid products, 6.

3。 Still have a long service life is long, cycles

a longer service life than lithium-ion batteries, service life can be up to six years, lithium iron phosphate for positive cells in 1 cdod charged to put, can use the record of one thousand;

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