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18650 charging current, charging current of 18650 much suitable to normal

by:dcfpower     2020-10-11

due to the development of science and technology, now lithium-ion batteries have inadvertently infiltrate into people's lives more than ten years, nowadays the lithium battery pack is mainly used in touch screen mobile phone, laptop battery, storage battery, can too can equipment, household use of all kinds of household items, and now popular new energy electric vehicle batteries. can say now is the largest consumer audience group. Used in charging treasure mobile power supply, with 18650 batteries, low cost, buy cheap was looking for it, that's right. But for the sake of personal life and the safety of the machine, or choose a safe move polymer battery power supply. Here we take a look at how appropriate 18650 charging current is normal.

usually is 0. 5 c, that is, a 1200-1 a and ratio 1500, the charging current is 0. 5 c, but only 0. 7 a lithium battery pack normally takes the form of small current inflation, if expanding current, will lead to recharge intercalated-li too fast, the influence of the structure of the positive anode materials will be indelible. 18650 battery life will terminate rapidly in ten weeks and may also bring security refers to the above naked batteries, and usually manufactured batteries in the use of adding lithium battery protection board, so you how don't have to worry too much about the charging current for 18650.

18650 lithium batteries battery calculation method

18650 lithium batteries acceptable maximum charging current is usually in 1 c and even in a smaller value, during the charging of a battery charger in interface is generally will have a standard, you can glance at carefully. Lithium batteries used usually is a constant current and then slowly into the constant voltage mode, when the charger to detect battery voltage reaches the limit, this time will change ChengJuan current charge, so the charging time when this one we in charge for an hour is enough, battery capacity divided by the charge, after we calculate the loss, must carry on the charging time can be calculated. Usually see use trickle charging and delayed filling an hour, the battery will slowly.

18650 battery charging time is what I've said above rechargeable battery charging time theory is the same, that is the time of the battery is equal to the nominal standard than between the capacity and the battery current, inside the lithium battery will produce impedance, so when we calculate the battery current can also take this factor into consideration.

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