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18650 lithium batteries and durable?

by:dcfpower     2020-11-19

18650 power lithium batteries can be used in electric tools, underwater vacuum cleaners, solar street lamps, electronic digital products. In 18650 the lithium battery has such a question? 18650 life? No accident words buy 18650 lithium battery can use a few years back, ok? Today we battery box of small make up take you doubt take a look at this article 18650 lithium battery is not durable resistance.

18650 lithium batteries and durable?

the current three. 7 v 18650 lithium batteries usually circulation service life can reach 500 ~ 1000 times, 3. 2 v 18650 normally service life can reach more than 2000, but premise condition is normal manufacturer on production of qualified battery, if it is defective or counterfeit batteries, life will be very short. life is only 18650 in two to three years.

the lithium battery pack can charge normally put 300 - 500 times. The best choice to partial discharge of the lithium battery, rather than completely discharge, at the same time try to avoid completely discharge from time to time. If the battery off the production line equipment, the clock would gradually began to move. Whether you have used, the service life of lithium-ion batteries are only in two to three years.

18650 li-ion battery service life is often the case for 300 ~ 500 charging cycle time. If a full discharge to provide power for Q, if you don't consider each charge can reduce the cycle time of electricity is the lithium electricity within its service life can provide total or replenish the Q - 300 500 q of power. From this we know, if each use 1/2, filling, then you can charge - 600 1000 times; If every time with a third charge, translates to 900 ~ 1500 times. This category speculated that if random charging, frequency of uncertainty.

people occasionally heard a saying is, lithium battery service life is & other; 500 times & throughout; , the principle of lithium-ion batteries and other Time & throughout; Refers to the circulation service life, which is a fully charge and discharge cycle time, the industry test standard is: the depth of discharge & times; Charging frequency = circulation service life and discharge depth is 80% in value, charge and discharge at least 625 times, 80% & times; 625 = 500, Times) 。

all in all, anyway, filling a total added into 300 q and 500 q of electricity that is constant. As a result, you also can understand like this: lithium battery life and the total charge capacity of the battery, and charging frequency has nothing to do. Deep feed deep and shallow shallow charge for li-ion battery service life influence.

two reasons affecting the service life of 18650 lithium batteries

of the reasons affecting the service life of 18650 lithium batteries a: running environment factors

lithium electricity work environment of the poor back directly affects the length of life: lithium ion battery temperature 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, lithium battery pack discharge temperature of - 20℃~60℃; In the process of charging and discharging lithium ion batteries, not for lithium ion battery overcharge, discharge phenomenon such as; Both discharge and charge are about the quality of the lithium ion battery actually will have irreversible influence. In addition to this, of course, in the lithium ion battery run time appear incorrect practices, such as short circuit fault is the cause of lithium ion battery service life down. About the lithium ion battery charging, you should use formal match of lithium ion battery charger to recharge the battery. To reduce 18650 lithium ion battery and lithium ion battery for universal charger for battery voltage current of actually not reached a constant value, especially about just filled the lithium ion battery to spare half a clock, stay stable performance before using, otherwise will affect battery performance.

affect the service life of 18650 lithium batteries reason two: idle factors

when 18650 lithium battery matching of digital electronic products do not run, 18650 lithium-ion batteries shall be removed from equipment instrument products; And long time storage of lithium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries must be 50% ~ 60%, during storage should be 1 ~ 3 months for rechargeable lithium ion batteries in time; Lithium ion battery storage temperature should be controlled in 10 & deg; ~25° The space; Don't knock, needles, trample, transformation, exposure to the battery, do not place the battery in the microwave, such as high pressure environment. Above these lithium ion battery using considerations often can effectively prolong the use of lithium ion batteries. If non-standard use lithium ion battery, the lithium battery damage is very big, actually is difficult to ensure that the service life of the lithium ion battery to standard deviation.

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