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18650 lithium batteries can use a few years, what is life

by:dcfpower     2020-12-05

with the development of the society, the lithium battery is also in constant progress, now 18650 lithium-ion batteries have been widely used in handheld radios, portable electronic devices, audio equipment, rc planes, and digital cameras, handheld laptop. Application scope is so broad that 18650 lithium battery can use a few years, life expectancy? Today we are together and see it.

power lithium battery service life is 18650 years?

3 now. 7 v 18650 lithium battery cycle life of up to 500 ~ 1000 times or so commonly, 3. 2 v general life can reach more than 2000, 18650, of course, the premise is the formal manufacturers qualified battery, if it is defective or counterfeit batteries, life will be very short. life is only 18650 in two to three years.

lithium battery can put 300 - filling in general 500 times. Best to partial discharge of the lithium battery, rather than completely discharge, and try to avoid often completely discharge. Once the battery off the production line, the clock began to move. Whether or not you use it, the service life of lithium-ion batteries are only in two to three years.

18650 lithium battery pack life in general is 300 ~ 500 charge cycles. If a completely discharge to provide power for Q, if you don't consider charging each cycle after power decreases, the lithium electricity within its life can provide a total or replenish the Q - 300 500 q of power. From this we know that if each use 1/2 is filled, you can charge 600 - 1000 times; If every time with a third charge, translates to 900 ~ 1500 times. By analogy, if the random charging, the number of times.

people often hear an argument is that the life of the lithium battery pack is & other; 500 times & throughout; , the principle of lithium-ion batteries and other Time & throughout; Refers to the cycle of life, that is, a complete charge and discharge cycle, industry test method is: the depth of discharge & times; Charging = circle life and discharge on numerical depth was 80%, the charge and discharge at least 625 times, 80% & times; 625 = 500, Times) 。

all in all, no matter how to charge, added into a total of 300 q and 500 q of electricity that is constant. So, we can understand like this: the lithium battery life and the total charge capacity of the battery, and charging times. Deep feed deep and shallow shallow charge for the influence of the li-ion battery life.

how to make the 18650 double lithium battery service life?

a, lithium battery to the cold also can't stand the heat, don't use in extreme environment

summer many people like to put the lithium battery electric vehicles in the sun insolates, winter also is parked in the yard or road, for the lithium battery life is very bad, the lithium ions in the electrolyte and electrode slice migration rate is closely related to the temperature, the temperature in - in theory 20℃- Between 55 ℃ can be normal use, in daily life,

at 5 ℃ - use temperature 35 ℃, there is no damage to the lithium battery between the users in the winter in the north as far as possible to store your lithium battery back home, not on the outside, the southern users to avoid the summer sun.

2, charging and discharging lithium battery don't often depth

a lot of people think electric lithium battery charge hundreds of times of cyclic frequency on the manual is as long as the plug once even with time, in fact this is a myth, actually refers to the number of heavy discharge completely on the manual, lithium battery is different from the nickel cadmium battery, the lithium battery has no memory effect, can charge anytime and anywhere, batteries for electric power to charge not only shorten the service life, also can to maintenance of battery, prolong the cycle life cycle, for lithium-ion batteries, the right thing to do is slow charger rather than deep charger.

18650 lithium batteries advantages and disadvantages of


1, the large capacity lithium battery pack capacity is 1200 mah ~ commonly 18650 3600 mah, and generally only about 800 mah battery capacity, if combined into 18650 lithium battery pack pack, the 18650 lithium-ion battery pack is just can break through 5000 mah.

2, long life 18650 lithium battery service life is long and cycle life of up to 500 times more than normal use, is more than twice that of the ordinary batteries.

3, safety performance is high, 18650 lithium battery safety performance is high, no explosion, not burning; Non-toxic, non-polluting, through the RoHS certification trademark; All the same safety performance, cycle number greater than 500 times; High temperature resistant performance is good, 65 - degree condition to devolve electricity efficiency up to 100%. In order to prevent the short circuit batteries, 18650 across the electrodes of lithium battery is separated. So it short-circuit phenomenon may have fallen to acme. Can be equipped with protective plate, avoid the battery overcharge, it also can prolong the service life of the battery.

4, high voltage 18650 lithium battery voltage is generally in 3. 6 v, 3。 8 v and 4. 2 v, far higher than 1 nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries. 2 v voltage.

5, no memory effect not empty battery before charging, easy to use.

6, small internal resistance, the resistance of the polymer batteries is less than liquid batteries, domestic the internal resistance of the polymer batteries can even do below 35 m Ω, greatly reduced the battery power consumption, extend the standby time of mobile phone, can reach with international level. The support of large discharge current polymer li-ion battery, the ideal choice of remote control model to become the most promising alternative products of nimh batteries.

7, can be in series or transmitte synthesis 18650 lithium battery pack pack.

8, widely used laptops, walkie-talkie, portable DVD, instruments and meters, model aircraft, toys, audio equipment, video cameras, digital cameras and other electronic equipment.

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