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18650 lithium batteries offer, 2020, 18650 the price quotation of lithium-ion batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-11-23

18650 lithium battery diaphragm according to the production and processing technology can be divided into dry method and wet method diaphragm, diaphragm between pore forming principle is not the same but doesn't get rid of relations with the price of lithium-ion batteries. When ask manufacturer of lithium battery quotation is to identify your priority to which a product used in what place what environment capacity in 18650 lithium batteries, so much better to ask several lithium battery manufacturers, compared to lithium batteries offer no scientific and reasonable, the most appropriate your product requirements. The lithium battery market this year is how look like, to see if some of the lithium battery pack manufacturers offer now is scientific and reasonable? Today we take a look at 18650 lithium batteries offer, 2020, 18650 the price quotation of lithium-ion batteries.

2020 18650 lithium battery prices

compared with domestic trade market and foreign market, the frequency of smaller falls to trade at the same time the company target market is high-end brand in the trade market, the price relatively smaller frequency; Company based on technological progress to reduce the production cost, and then deducted from falling prices. Company positioning is a global integration company, foreign trade export percentage will be further improved. diaphragm belongs to material manufacturing industry, is flowing capital-intensive manufacturing industry, high gross margin can be compatible with industrial transformation and upgrading. Do you think about four hundred percent gross margin is the equilibrium level. According to the technology, at the same time improve production efficiency and yield, to save costs, and improve the overseas sales percentage to maintain gross margin is relatively stable.

domestic lithium electric diaphragm manufacture industry production is low, use the collection in the field of low-end, power lithium electricity, and other areas of the high-end brands should be key to rely on import, dry diaphragm prices down 70%, compared with three years ago, the cumulative gross margin has fallen to around 25%, wet diaphragm technology is not yet mature.

lithium batteries offer

really? The price of lithium-ion batteries can't offer you a short period of time to go out, the battery trade market price also does not have the unified, perfect perfect price, all price to you buy the number of lithium batteries, the types of products. Lithium-ion batteries with lithium battery materials, artificial factors and manufacturer brand power factor. You look at what other factors interfere with the price.

1。 Related to production of lithium battery materials diaphragm 18650

usually import battery diaphragm quality relatively must be better than the domestic production of battery diaphragm, battery diaphragm quality to lithium battery performance indicators and use quality have relatively important interference. price difference because of the quality of the battery diaphragm use about, this also need to look at their research and development of products to the lithium battery performance specification.

2。 18650 lithium batteries offer the relationship with the manufacturers strength

lithium battery with a lithium battery manufacturer price closely related technical innovation ability, the stronger the manufacturers strength, research and development of lithium battery samples production cycle is short, to the same performance of lithium battery specification, batch demand, lithium battery pack price lower than the small lithium battery manufacturer. But small batch may be slightly higher. This major is mould cost is different. Small lithium battery manufacturer to open mold production line is relatively small, it has the advantage of the corresponding production cost.

3。 Related to 18650 lithium battery components of natural graphite

this is a natural graphite 18650 lithium battery inside the indispensable thing, just starting batteries film is not stable, causing irreversible capacity is high, the cycle performance is poor. But the flake graphite electrochemical performance is relatively good. Graphitized carbon materials: McMB spherical particles, surface smooth level off, the specific surface area is lesser, high packing density, energy density is relatively large volume, first is embedded in the process of lithium irreversible capacity loss is less. With extreme orderly packing structure, promote embedded lithium ion from the azimuth and hernia.

18650 lithium batteries

1. Long service life, long service life when normal use life can reach more than 500 times, it is our common batteries twice as many

2. Safety performance is high, no explosion combustion, non-toxic, non-polluting, can produce ultra high temperature resistant, ultra-low temperature 18650 lithium batteries, even the appearance of the environment temperature from 65 degrees can be normal use.

3。 No memory effect, charging is very convenient, think when charging it when charging. Don't have battery inside the use of my power to empty in filling

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