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18650 lithium batteries what brand is good, brand recommended

by:dcfpower     2020-10-12

we know that the lithium battery pack has the appearance of the advantages of, for example, is relatively light in weight, large capacity and no memory effect, and so on these, so widely used by us. Many digital products basically is to use it as a power source, though its price isn't cheap. For 18650 cells, our understanding of it is not particularly deep, small make up and explain its purpose. What has, 18650 battery brand is better? Let's look at below.

18650 batteries have what use?

18650 battery life theory as the charging circuit 1000 times. As the density of the unit capacity is very big, so most used for laptop batteries, not only that, because of the stability of 18650 on the job performance is very good, widely used in various electronic fields: often used in high-end light flashlight, carry power, wireless data transmission device, electric heating warm warm clothes, shoes and portable instrument equipment, portable lighting, portable printers, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc.

18650 lithium batteries what brand is good?

1。 Recommendation: 3. 7 v 200808 5200 mah interphone 18650 lithium batteries

recommended reason: this intercom 18650 battery can provide high current at work, good capacity, good voltage and low temperature, the performance is very stable. HB6 and HB2 easy to 0. 5 c discharge, large capacity is also very suitable for long time use in intercom call equipment, they work when the temperature is low.

2。 Recommendation: 37 v 10. 4 ah 18650 ternary lithium battery pack intelligent robot I2C communication protocol

recommended reason: the capacity is very good, is a superior performance of the intelligent robot lithium-ion batteries, they are the only can be used in the high current of battery, and the lowest temperature jobs available battery. So it is more than 30 a group of champions.

these are about 18650 battery related introduction, small make up mainly introduce its use and in accordance with the requirements of the different recommend several 18650 battery, I hope I can help you. In general, 18650 battery generally has a large storage capacity, long life, high safety coefficient, using the advantages of wide range. At the time of purchase 18650 batteries, we usually want from its storage capacity, working current, voltage and temperature, etc in order to develop understanding and then choose oneself to like 18650 battery. Of course there are other battery demand may also directly contact to us.

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