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18650 lithium battery and lithium battery 26650 difference, which is durable

by:dcfpower     2020-10-22

18650 lithium batteries have relatively light in weight, large storage, no memory effect, such as edge, so has been widely used, many digital products are chose lithium ion battery as a power source, while its price is relatively is relatively expensive. High energy density lithium ion battery, its storage capacity is 1 with the total weight of nimh batteries. 5 ~ 2 times, and have very low self-discharge rate. At the same time, the lithium ion battery most find & other; Memory effect & throughout; And do not include toxic substances such as edge is also its wide application of the key reasons. types are many, this article to 18650 lithium battery and lithium battery 26650 these two kinds of lithium battery pack difference comparison.

18650 lithium batteries and 26650 are cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion batteries and lithium batteries, lithium batteries and 26650 18650 features outstanding volume, high concentration, occupies a large market share in the sales market.

26650 lithium batteries are often used in large and medium-sized pneumatic tools, lighting equipment, mechanical equipment manufacturing, energy storage battery car ready, uninterruptible power supply, switching power supply, medical equipment and military equipment.

1。 size is not the same as 18650 and 26650:

26650 lithium-ion batteries, 26 mm in diameter, length, Height) 65 mm, usually referred to as lithium ion batteries. 18650 lithium-ion batteries, 18 mm in diameter, length, Height) 65MM。 Generally is circular.

2。 Capacity of different specifications:

18650 mah lithium ion capacity in 1200 to 3600 between mah, 18650 in 1800 mah lithium ion capacity to 2600 mah between. 22650 mah lithium ion battery capacity between 3000 to 5000 mah between.

3。 Different application fields:

18650 lithium ion battery is suitable for the lighting lamps and lanterns of rechargeable batteries, processing and manufacturing equipment, lithium batteries, rechargeable batteries pneumatic tools, electric car chargers, batteries, electric lithium battery, etc.

4。 The duration of the voyage is different:

the current 18650 to 2200260, 0310 mah, 26650 to 400420, 0450 mah, thus a longer duration.

18650 lithium batteries shortcomings

18650 lithium batteries of larger faults is that he already fixed volume well, in some laptops or when some products is not very good location, natural this one disadvantage also can be said to be unique, it is relative to other polymer lithium battery such as lithium batteries can be customized and can change the size, this is a disadvantage. But relative to some specific battery specifications of the products is a competitive advantage.

18650 lithium battery and lithium battery which is durable 26650

to directly say 18650 lithium battery and lithium battery both 26650 battery which is good, it can't be in one fell swoop is relative, and what you want to use in the field. Such as battery 1865 lithium-ion batteries used in lighting lamps and lanterns, industrial form a complete set of lithium batteries, power tools batteries, electric bicycle batteries, power lithium battery pack, etc, is more, while 26650 lithium-ion batteries used in the integrated solar street light lithium battery pack, energy storage station, solar energy storage battery, etc.

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