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18650 lithium battery application field, 18650 lithium-ion battery performance characteristics

by:dcfpower     2020-10-10

in lithium secondary battery energy battery industry used due to its excellent performance. Along with the continuous development of the lithium secondary battery technology, has been widely used in everyone's life daily life; Repeated use of rechargeable batteries more and more get of consumer love. Concerned about energy battery industry, recognition of the battery so that we do in common use to 18650 lithium batteries can be fully reasonable apply, the 18650 has a certain use lithium battery in the following areas. Ok, that today we look at 18650 lithium battery field, 18650 lithium battery pack performance characteristics.

18650 lithium battery pack field

1, the energy storage class

key used in mobile communication base station power supply, clean energy, energy storage, state grid electric energy storage, optical storage system and so on family life.

2, dynamic class

key electric public transport, electric bicycle, new energy electric vehicles, etc.

3, digital

smartphones, tablets, laptops, electric toy car, MP3 / MP4, headphones, cell phone charging treasure, rc planes, mobile charger, etc.

18650 lithium battery pack characteristics

1, large storage capacity, compare common general storage capacity is 800 mah battery, and lithium battery storage capacity of 18650 mah do enough 1200 to 3600 mah, if collocation is combined to be a 18650 lithium-ion battery pack, then its storage capacity can be beyond 5000 mah.

2, long service life, everybody said earlier 18650 lithium batteries can be one thousand times, a charging circuit can be normal use of more than five hundred times, than the service life of batteries more than doubled.

3, high safety coefficient, 18650, the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries is also high, already environmental protection free from contamination, and non-toxic, can be at ease to use at the same time, not like fake batteries the combustion or explosion, at the same time, it use high temperature resistant performance is very good.

4, 18650, compared with other battery voltage of lithium battery voltage is higher, no memory effect, so don't have to empty battery recharging, increases with the increasing charge to use, very convenient.

5, 18650 lithium battery internal resistance is very small, so the battery since the power consumption is reduced greatly, so everyone's mobile phone can prolong life, level is very high, can combine with international level.

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