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18650 lithium battery large well-known brand manufacturers have?

by:dcfpower     2020-11-24

present trade 18650 battery brand on the market is more complex, product quality and the price also is the good and bad are intermingled. And 18650 battery manufacturers at home and abroad, then tell me the some of the domestic foreign comprehensive 18650 lithium battery pack brand, 18650 lithium-ion battery manufacturer, want to know can have a good look at.

main recommendation: shenzhen technology co. , LTD. ( 18650 lithium battery manufacturer source)

technology was founded in 2001, engaged in regular hydride and lithium-ion batteries of product research and development, intelligent manufacturing, nimh batteries is dominant revised national standard units, national standards and participate in a variety of lithium-ion battery industry. Lithium ion batteries as new generation rechargeable batteries, have a working standard is greater than the energy, high voltage, wide working temperature range, longer cycle life cycle, high safety coefficient, is the core of the product development prospect. It also has a maintenance features such as low maintenance requirements, no memory, can every moment in the battle quick charge, generally don't have any site maintenance, lighten the burden of logistics management, so get the world each country attaches great importance to and development of the army. In recent years, lithium ion batteries are widely used in his arms, landing craft, small unmanned aircraft, air-to-air combat system software four axis plane and so on. Provide meet the requirements of the application of custom battery, shenzhen specific military battery manufacturer focus on battery product research and development production for many years, in various military battery application product research and development manufacturing deep for many years, and many military products research and development production manufacturers have strategic cooperation, for they provide different application fields of military product research and development application of battery a custom fit.

the lithium battery is the SONY in 1991 after the successful development of nickel metal hydride batteries and other traditional chemical battery of new generation of quick charge lithium battery. principle is simple and good safety factor, cell cycle is long, is a kind of new type of power system.

at home and abroad mainly 18650 lithium battery brand

1, 18650 lithium battery pack brand: bick BAK

BAK battery co. , LTD. , founded in 2001, the company registered capital of six. 600 million yuan or 82. 6 million dollars, on May 31, 2010 in the United States listed on nasdaq, is a listed company in the United States. Is a collection of lithium ion batteries, product research and development, production, sales for the integration of high-tech enterprise, has just set up bick industrial park planning construction area of 360000 square meters, more than 8000 employees, the lithium batteries daily output reached 1. 5 million only, for the greatest attrocities one of professional manufacturers of lithium-ion battery technology.

2, 18650 lithium-ion battery brand: China aviation lithium electricity

China aviation lithium electricity ( Luoyang) Co. , LTD. Is China aviation industry group company and place unit project investment established between each other, chengdu group holding company. Lithium ion power battery as times national green environmental protection and energy saving theme, promote the professional market consumption boom, mature technology, the future market growth forecasts for the fine car power, power energy storage battery products, green environmental protection and energy saving, high voltage, large specific energy, charge and discharge fast, long service life, high reliability, production and use of environmental pollution and other excellent characteristics. As a contemporary the most promising green secondary batteries, lithium ion power battery in the development of new energy vehicles have a very broad application space, also can be widely applied in submarine, torpedo, armored vehicles, military radar, unmanned aircraft, communications satellites, and other areas of the military industry, new energy electric vehicles, urban public transportation, hydraulic forklift, solar electric storage battery, power civil domains such as uninterruptible power supply. China aviation lithium electricity company after several years of exploration and development, has built a first-class scientific and technological innovation, production, sales team.

3, 18650 lithium-ion batteries, Japanese sanyo performance index the world recognized the best, in a foreign country can be the first, the price also ranked the first, now commonly used capacity is 2000 - 2600, the price is different according to the capacity. Sanyo 2600 mah, now very good battery, most expensive

4, Japan's SONY 18650 lithium-ion batteries, is also a good battery, battery consistent performance is wonderful, the appropriate manufacture battery pack, is ranked the second in a foreign country, commonly used in the 2000 - capacity 2600

5, Japan panasonic 18650 lithium-ion batteries, and SONY along, commonly used capacity is 2000 - 2600, panasonic can now bought a maximum capacity of 3000, but the price is too expensive.

6, South Korea's samsung 18650 lithium batteries, capacity, good battery, very suitable use flashlight, commonly used in the 2000 - capacity 2600 samsung 2600 mah

7, South Korea LG18650 lithium-ion batteries, basic it is bonzi, and samsung is basic same, very good, commonly used in the 2000 - capacity 2600年

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