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18650 lithium battery model specifications of major battery manufacturers

by:dcfpower     2021-03-12
18650 battery is the most commonly used battery type in life and industry. Regardless of which lithium battery manufacturer, the 18650 lithium battery pack produced has a certain size, and the difference is that the maximum capacity of the battery that can be made and the difference in battery formula lead to different Energy density ratio. The following introduces the 18650 battery model specifications and parameters produced by several major lithium battery manufacturers, hoping to help you understand the characteristics and uses of this battery.

Summary of 18650 lithium batteries:

1. Usage: Because of the large capacity of unit density, it is often used in most notebook batteries. In addition, because of the stable performance of 18650 in work, it is very good. , Widely used in various electronic fields: commonly used in high-end glare flashlights, portable power supplies, wireless data transmitters, electric heating warm clothes, shoes, portable instruments, portable lighting equipment, portable printers, industrial instruments, medical instruments, etc. 2. Dimensions : The numbers 18650 represent the external dimensions: 18 refers to the battery diameter of 18.0mm, 650 refers to the battery height of 65.0mm

(our ordinary AA battery [AA battery], size is 14500)

3. Type: 18650 batteries have lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. As nickel-metal hydride is now rarely used, we now say 18650 batteries. If not specifically stated, they refer to 18650 lithium-ion batteries.

4. Voltage and capacity specifications: Lithium-ion battery voltage is 3.6V-3.7, and the common capacity is 1500MAH-2600MAH, and the current maximum capacity is 3000MAH.

Lithium is a metal element. Why do we call it a lithium battery? Because its positive electrode is a battery with lithium phosphate as the positive electrode material, of course, there are many batteries on the market now, including lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate, etc. as the positive electrode material. 18650 lithium battery, the nominal voltage of a single cell is generally: 3.7V, the charging voltage is generally: 4.20V, the minimum discharge termination voltage is generally: 2.75V, the maximum charge termination voltage: 4.20V

18650 lithium ion battery, from Compared with the commonly used No. 5 batteries in weight, volume, and capacity, they have great advantages.

For example, a 2400MAH 18650 battery, the voltage is calculated according to the standard 3.7V, and the power is 8880MWH.

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