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18650 lithium-ion battery pack how repair

by:dcfpower     2020-11-22

18650 lithium-ion battery pack now generally has become a standard battery USES the specifications, but when using very easy to encounter a problem is the natural loss happens, in terms of simplicity is broken, so in this case how to repair?

18650 lithium batteries are basic often adopt the way of parallel to improve storage capacity, is through a lot of in the form of a battery combination, then can be very good improve storage capacity of the battery. Generally speaking, in electric vehicles, such as laptop battery when using basic it is to use a lot of batteries in series and then make the voltage across the ascension to 36 v48v72v etc. , but it is easy to occur when using one of the more than 1, 2, a battery wear, like bucket principle of short board, nature also will affect the overall storage capacity of the battery pack. Occurred in this case we need to replace the battery, then only can better improve the service life of batteries, therefore, 18650 lithium battery pack pack and what are the common problems in using?

18650 lithium battery wear test

if the damage is basic it is substantially the battery voltage is weak and storage capacity to reduce will happen, we at the time of test can be directly measured with dc voltmeter, if on either side of the battery voltage to 2. 7 v to low, or is completely not tested voltage, is the conclusion has been damaged.

battery voltage if it is more than 2. 7 v is low, we can do is fix the charger ( 4. 2V) On the battery, after about ten minutes later, if there is a voltage rises, we need to do is to continue to recharge, such as electricity is full of later for full voltage.

4 if full electricity voltage. 2 v, means that the battery is normal, the key is may be the last time the power consumption is overmuch, cause the battery completely ended. If the full electric voltage than 4. This value is 2 v much lower, then come to the conclusion of our battery has been damaged. If the time has been for a long time, can replace the battery in time, otherwise there is no other way can be repaired.

18650 lithium battery repair method

18650 lithium-ion battery pack will be easily because one of the two battery case of damage, caused the entire battery can't use, this time we need to do is to each of the ends of the batteries voltage and capacity, have a look at any voltage or low voltage serious, appear larger discrepancy in terms of capacity, etc. , wait until after a problem of battery was detected, we can be replaced, but need to be aware of when replacement is must change the capacity, internal resistance of battery.

18650 lithium battery repair method one: discharge

lithium battery pack pack may apply on discharge or meet resistance method. Should be placed on discharge cellphone or stop; Meet resistance discharge may apply to connect the corresponding voltage flashlamp discharge for a long time, until the flashlamp connected to one moment out of level. More appropriate work in large current discharge work.

18650 lithium battery repair method 2: activation

concatenated 12 v ac, even a small buld or series resistance between lithium battery pack, used in over-current protection. Use small working current activated the first step, make the control circuit for dozens of ma ac, maintain 30 to 60 minutes, and then increase the working current to the battery of the nominal value of 1 ~ 2 times.

18650 lithium battery pack repair method 3: change the batteries

will do lithium battery pack, in fact, life is the internal structure of lithium batteries, close to life limit, so we should change the internal structure of lithium batteries, can make the lithium-ion battery pack. Specific steps are as follows:

with box cutters cut along the seams of the battery shell, in case of barb type fixed buckle place first not processing, opening to the rest of the seams have been followed by holding the shell on one side of the barbed fixed buckle to loosen. After open the enclosure with the soldering iron lithium batteries to be removed, and then as a sample to electronic market to purchase the corresponding specification and quantity of lithium batteries. Then put the new lithium batteries according to the same welding to the primary element, then the seams inside the battery coated with hot melt adhesive molten state, and then quickly closed, alignment and pressure shell, hot melt glue condensation with pod again after work knife trimming overflow from the joint of hot melt adhesive, lithium battery repair finish thus.

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