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18650 why lithium battery capacity attenuation, 18650 lithium-ion battery capacity calculation

by:dcfpower     2020-10-20

18650 lithium batteries as industrial production use at present stage, the most common type of lithium ion battery, 18650 lithium battery pack capacity is the core of the manufacturer of the product advantages, in addition, the same capacity of 18650 batteries, lithium-ion batteries brand is also the key factors that affect the price. Along with the ascension of the battery charge and discharge cycle frequency, the resulting in constant current charging link capacity with ascension cycle frequency present a downward trend, so the 18650 lithium battery capacity will gradually decline. Then I will introduce in detail. Today let's look at why 18650 lithium battery capacity attenuation, 18650 lithium battery pack capacity calculation.

why 18650 lithium battery pack capacity attenuation

1. 18650 lithium battery pack with cyclic frequency increasing, internal resistance, capacity attenuation

18650 lithium batteries with cyclic frequency, electrode and electrolyte interface on the charge transfer impedance of the charge transfer process ( R) Significantly bigger, this may be because is accumulated on the cathode active material of high impedance passivation membrane, and lithium ion slippage due to reasonable and effective location/placement to reduce, and the charge transfer impedance change conference cause dynamic model the performance of the battery, causing the battery capacity attenuation in the circulation links for a long time.

2。 Internal resistance continues to rise, the battery polarization gradually larger

this is because the battery in the circulation links, internal resistance continues to rise, the battery polarization grows, causing the constant current charging capacity battery and constant voltage charging capacity increases.

3。 Active losses of lithium ions and the electrode active material loss

18650 lithium batteries after a two hundred - cycle, the positive and negative capacity of active lithium ions are formed losses, cause its ability to take off the intercalated-li reduced, causing the loss of capacity; Cathode capacity loss is mainly due to the accumulated on the cathode active material passivation membrane, causing charge transfer impedance rising sharply, anode materials and graphitization degree is reduced, crystal defect increase, this can create a negative to take off the intercalated-li ability is lower and its capacity loss

18650 lithium battery capacity calculation

the lithium battery capacity ( C) Formula: capacity C = discharge cell ( Constant current) I× Discharge time ( Hours) T。 On the other hand, discharge time T = C/discharge current capacity ( Constant current) I

if already know the nominal voltage of battery, V) And the nominal capacity ( Ah) , the energy can be obtained by computing the rated value, the formula is: Wh = VxAh 12 v20ah lithium batteries, such as a rated power is 12 & times; 20 = 240; Generally speaking, the nominal voltage and nominal capacity is marked on the battery.

18650 lithium battery capacity parameter

18650 nimh battery voltage is 1. 2 v, common capacity is 2500 mah, 18650 lithium-ion battery voltage is 3. 6 v, common capacity is 1500 mah - 3100 mah, the same can also to our website to check the parameters of 3. 7 v 5200 mah POS machine 18650 ternary lithium batteries, 3. 7 v 2000 mah POS ternary lithium batteries, 11 18650. 1 v 2200 mah underwater vacuum cleaner 18650 lithium batteries.

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