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186650 lithium battery maintenance method

by:dcfpower     2020-10-05

overall concrete nimh batteries, rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, lithium polymer battery 18650 these five, today we take a look at 18650 lithium battery pack maintenance method.

1。 Temperature is appropriate, the hot and cold. Using the environment temperature is best 25 & deg; Left and right sides, because the environment temperature is too high can cause a gas, battery charging and the environment temperature is too low is the battery.

2。 In 18650 lithium ion battery, the correct way of using the lithium ion battery charging method is one of the most important, because not correct charging method will lead to security issues, and the discharge and the influence of daily maintenance is just the service life of lithium ion batteries, lithium ion battery itself is also a kind of material, no matter what we take to prevent the loss of it in the end, we just use the right method, delay the aging.

3。 Want to play full performance of lithium ion battery, will often use it, make the electronic always in the lithium electricity flow state. If do not often use lithium electricity, be sure to remember recharge lithium electricity to complete a cycle, a month to do a power calibration, namely the deep deep to charge.

4。 Pay attention to the charging voltage. If charging voltage is too gao will make a battery charging, the opposite charge will appear the phenomenon of insufficient, this is beneath 18650 lithium ion battery should pay attention to.

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