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3. 7 v lithium battery maintenance of common sense

by:dcfpower     2020-09-28

society steps forward, our daily life is also more and more inseparable from 3. 7 v lithium-ion batteries, due to the chemical nature of lithium metal is a very lively, makes the processing, storage, use of lithium-ion batteries is very high to the requirement of environment, there are a lot of people don't know the maintenance knowledge of lithium-ion batteries, we take a look at 3 days. 7 v lithium battery pack maintenance of common sense.

3。 7 v lithium battery maintenance of common sense:

1. There is no need to believe that the Internet rumors, new lithium battery for up to 12 hours to take when first used the activation of the opening, it is obvious in nickel metal hydride batteries rapid development method widely circulated out of the way, is not very suitable for 3. 7 v lithium battery pack. New order of lithium battery is no need for activation opened, due to the lithium ion maker should do, manufacturers have launched three activated on lithium battery pack factory. 7 v lithium ion. Customers will be able to use immediately after the rest of the charging power supply for rechargeable batteries, the application of several normal can make lithium-ion device completely.

2。 3. 7 v lithium batteries must be equipped with special type of charger battery. If 12 v lithium battery assembly false charger or other types of battery chargers, will destroy the rechargeable batteries own features, and will continue to cause security risk.

3。 3. 7 v lithium-ion battery should spare a minute and a half, the battery performance is stable, then apply, otherwise it will damage the battery performance.

4。 Temperature of 0 c - to lithium ion batteries 45 c, discharge temperature of - 20c- 60c。 Not where the temperature is too high or too low to recharge the battery.

5, 3。 7 v v lithium battery pack will not have a memory chip, can be used anywhere, anytime. Lithium can't over charge and discharge, charge and discharge can cause a lot of damage volume, when the device is low power consumption, charging to begin immediately.

6。 Long-term use of 3. 7 v lithium battery may not charge 80% to 50% of power consumption, must be stored in a cool dry place, charge once every three months, in order to avoid long battery, rechargeable battery because life is too low, causing irreversible damage volume. life is affected by temperature and environmental humidity, high temperature and high humidity will accelerate the lithium battery service life and can't pay attention to rechargeable battery material mixed with metal material, to avoid touch the lithium ion metal material substance, causing damage of the battery.

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