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32650 lithium battery capacity parameters, 32650 battery charger is good

by:dcfpower     2020-10-14

32650 lithium-ion batteries, 32650 lithium iron phosphate battery lithium batteries are all naked burging sufficient capacity, but this kind of naked lithium batteries in the stage of the logistics to very wary, avoid to produce the impact flopping and cause a short circuit fault. 32650 lithium batteries can be used in smart parking lock project, family projects with energy storage lithium batteries, instruments and meters, solar photovoltaic energy storage projects, small energy storage battery project and so on a wide range of areas. Today we look at 32650 lithium battery capacity parameters, 32650 battery charger well.

32650 lithium battery capacity is how much?

32650 lithium battery pack is a kind of cylindrical battery, 32 mm outside diameter, relative height 65 mm, usually common for lithium iron phosphate batteries. 32650 lithium battery capacity of a lot of, is in four thousand five hundred - the scope of its capacity - 6500 MAH, but more general average five thousand MAH.

generally above 32650 lithium battery pack capacity is 6000 mah, 32650 lithium iron phosphate lithium battery capacity is 6500 mah, but factory every manufacturing a large number of 32650 lithium batteries do step processing capacity, for example - 32650 Us lu mAh, 32650 - 32650 - 6000 mah 32650 - 5500 mah Five thousand mAh, etc. , so we can according to the different battery capacity level to sell battery.

12。 8 v60ah32650 solar street light energy storage battery parameters of lithium iron phosphate

( 1) Product code: 137

( 2) Lithium batteries models: 3. 2 v6000mah32650 lithium iron phosphate battery

( 3) Battery type: 12. 8 v60ah32650 lithium iron phosphate batteries 4 s10p

( 4) Product size: T * W * H ( max) :75*350*135mm

( 5) Nominal voltage: 12. 8V

( 6) Nominal capacity: 60 ah, 0. 2 c discharge

( 7) Initial resistance: & le; 160mΩ

( 8) Battery charge cut-off voltage: 14. 6V

( 9) The battery discharge cut-off voltage: 10. 0V

( 10) Charging current: standard charge: 0. 1 c, quick charge: 0. 2C

( 11) Working environment: charging: 10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, discharge: - 10℃~ + 60℃,35 ~ 85% rh

( 12) Product characteristics: high security, long life, high and low temperature high efficiency

( 13) Areas of application: solar energy lamp energy storage battery

( 14) Lithium electricity protection, overcharge protection, discharge protection, over-current protection discharge, discharge short circuit protection, etc.

what 32650 battery charger is good

current can be filled with a few bigger, large current charger charging time is shorter, on the other hand is longer. Usually choose the charger current shoulds not be too big, damage to the battery. Can choose ten percent of the current capacity of battery charging. 32650 little lithium battery manufacturer, want to buy what type of charger can contact us in detail.

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