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36 volt polymer lithium battery price

by:dcfpower     2021-03-12

To understand the difference in 36V lithium battery pack prices, we must first know how 36V lithium batteries are produced. Let's understand the price of 36v lithium battery from the perspective of 36v lithium production and manufacturing.

How is the 36v lithium battery pack produced:

In fact, if you are a battery producer, for the efficiency of the lithium battery, it is not that the larger the size, the better. On the contrary, to a certain extent, an appropriate volume is more beneficial to the performance of the battery. Therefore, in the battery production industry, the word battery is often used. In fact, batteries are also batteries. If you want to know more, you can Baidu.

Generally speaking, the voltage of a polymer lithium battery cell is 3.2V to 4.2V. This is relatively common. There is also a small-volume lithium battery, such as an electronic watch. The voltage may be 1.2 V to 3.0V.

The 36V lithium battery will have the following combinations:

1. Single row series: If the voltage of a cell is 3.6V, then ten cells are required. Connect in series, so the price is: the number of cells multiplied by the unit price of the cells plus the processing cost plus a certain profit margin.

2. Parallel and series: This calculation is also the same, the difference is that this method is to increase the capacity, the number of batteries required is basically doubled, so the price will be more expensive.

So when buying a 36V lithium battery pack, you must first understand your actual equipment usage, and then screen to choose a battery that is more economical for you.

The reason for the low capacity of lithium polymer battery:

a. The amount of attached material is too small; b. The amount of attached material on both sides of the pole piece is quite different; C. The pole piece is broken; d . Little electrolyte; e. Low electrolyte conductivity; f. The positive and negative electrodes are not matched; g. Porosity of the separator is small; h. Adhesive is aging and the material comes off; i. The core is very thick (not dried Or the electrolyte has not penetrated) j. It is not fully charged when the volume is divided; k. The specific capacity of the positive and negative materials is small.

The reasons for the high internal resistance of lithium polymer batteries:

a. The negative electrode sheet and the tab lug are welded; b. The positive electrode sheet and the pole lug are welded together; C. The positive electrode lug and the cap Welding; d. Welding of the negative electrode ear and the shell; e. The internal resistance of the contact between the rivet and the pressure plate is large. f. The positive electrode is not added with a conductive agent; g. The electrolyte has no lithium salt; h. small.

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