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3c Lithium-ion battery customized solution process

by:dcfpower     2021-03-12

The lithium batteries used in 3C electronic products are collectively referred to as 3c lithium-ion batteries. Many people think that the production of 3c lithium-ion batteries will be relatively simple, but in fact it is not. 3c lithium battery pack customization also has a plan to go through. In order to deal with the possible safety risks of 3c lithium batteries, the safety factor of metal electrodes and lithium battery electrolytes can be improved, and direct contact between metal electrodes and lithium battery electrolytes can be prevented, and the reliability of rechargeable batteries can be improved. Secondly, improve the safety maintenance design of 3c lithium battery, ensure the equipment of battery protection board, select thermally closed diaphragm, set charging valve, replace and maintain power circuit, power circuit, thermal fuse, etc. to improve the safety factor of rechargeable batteries. The battery detection group can choose high-current spring micro-needle and capacitive touch group. The high-current shrapnel micro-needle module can carry a large current of 50A, the connection is stable and reliable, and it is also very adaptable in the pitch field. The average life span can reach more than 20w, and the 3c lithium battery detection compatibility is good.

3c lithium batteries are composed of positive and negative stages, diaphragms, lithium battery electrolyte, etc. If the selection of raw materials or processing techniques are not too closed, it is likely to cause safety risks and serious The adverse effects. In addition to the raw materials and processing technology that do not meet the separation requirements, the use of non-standards and external factors will also cause hidden dangers to 3c lithium batteries. The safety factor of 3c lithium batteries can be divided into battery drums, lithium battery leakage, rechargeable battery over-temperature and short-circuit faults. , Ignition, explosion, etc.

The main hazards of 3c lithium-ion batteries are:

1. Materials

The active material of 3c lithium battery pack cathode materials will be completely dissolved under over-temperature, and lithium The air oxidation of the battery will cause a lot of attention, which will further increase the temperature of the battery and endanger the reliability of the rechargeable battery. When the temperature is too high, the potential of the rechargeable battery will react with the chemical reaction of the lithium battery electrolyte.

2. Processing process

The process of preparing 3C lithium battery pack, the quality of raw materials, the quality of raw materials in the manufacturing process, the uniformity of the slurry, the size of the slurry and the operation of the chip And so on are very important, each process affects the safety factor and quality of rechargeable batteries. The processing technology of 3c lithium battery can be divided into cathode material, sizing, cutting, shear pressure, rolling, rechargeable lithium battery electrolyte, capacitor, sealing, assembly and so on.

3. Use

In the entire application process of 3c lithium battery, if the method is not suitable, the rechargeable battery may pose a safety risk. For example, when the battery is charged, the battery will be overcharged, the battery will be charged for a long time, and the battery drum will rise. Once the internal temperature exceeds the preset value, extreme conditions may cause the battery to short-circuit and malfunction, and the rechargeable battery will ignite or explode.

4. Testing

The non-standard detection of 3c lithium batteries will cause the unstable characteristics of counterfeit rechargeable batteries to enter the sales market, making the safety risks of their own rechargeable batteries even more unsafe. Therefore, standard test procedures, selection of compatible battery test sets, careful recording of the results, and improved battery quality are the key to 3c lithium battery testing.

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