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A cylindrical lithium-ion battery price, 2020 cylindrical lithium-ion battery price expensive

by:dcfpower     2020-11-24

given the current global population continuously increased and the need of the social intelligence science and technology, more environmental protection new energy is used, as soon as possible in order to better protect nonrenewable resources, environmental protection design and using new energy development of energy conservation and environmental protection products becomes especially important. In the battery market, traditional lead-acid battery thick, use cycle is short, there are serious pollution, etc. , and the development trend of lithium battery very fast in recent years, considering the lighter weight, no pollution, no memory effect and long life characteristics such as rapid recognition by everyone. Under normal circumstances, the lithium battery in the field of energy storage applications is relatively common, a friend a friend asked if cells are small make up a lithium battery is how many money? Actually cannot treat as the same price, the price is related to many aspects with labor costs, corporate brand and raw materials are all have relevant links, today we take a look at a piece of cylindrical lithium-ion battery price, cylindrical lithium battery pack quotation is it expensive to 2020.

cylindrical lithium battery pack manufacturer enterprise there are many kinds of the brand and model, price, of course, every manufacturer is not the same. Generally there is a difference. If want to know about cylindrical lithium-ion battery manufacturer also can view the stamp here. New battery product research and development project technology actually spend more manpower and resources. And most of the lithium battery manufacturer is to support customer consumer custom lithium-ion batteries, I found there is a high-end battery technology in shenzhen enterprise brand manufacturers. It is referred to as ', was founded in 2001, shenzhen battery production base is in meizhou, specializing in the production of polymer lithium batteries, the production of nickel metal hydride batteries and battery industry, the industry leaders. Polymer battery and nickel metal hydride batteries can be customized a variety of styles. Classic cylindrical lithium-ion batteries are: 3. 7 v2000mah18650 scan code gun ternary lithium batteries, 3. 7 v2000mahpos machine 18650 ternary lithium batteries.

battery product features

1. Monomer uniformity is better;

cylindrical lithium-ion battery has already established a series of international unified standard specifications and models, the processing technology is mature and perfect, right of uninterrupted change in bulk production

2. Monomer itself material mechanics performance is good,

cylinder specific surface area is large, heat pipe cooling effect is very good, can get high bending strength;

3。 Technology mature and perfect, with low cost

the battery metal case compressive strength is high, the whole process of operation is not easy to produce the condition such as square, such as flexible packaging cells swell

4. Monomer energy is small, multiple small accident risk

cause accidents, form is easy to control, cylindrical battery is usually sealed battery, will not have a maintenance problems in the process of the whole operation, batteries feature: the batteries for a long life, lifetime 2000 mating cycle, high power continuous charging and discharging. High battery life cycles, meet the low carbon environmental protection, environmental protection, energy conservation, ecological environmental value concept; Application field: wisdom POS machine, financial POS handsets.

5。 20 a discharge current: sustainable. Data communication management: imported software management chip, CAN communication function, accurate data transmission, accurate temperature control system, a very large degree of eliminate safety accidents.

2020 cylindrical lithium battery pack quotation

general manufacturer you ask cylindrical lithium-ion polymer battery prices are basically won't give you a direct offer, this is because want to consider from many sided, need to see you buy the demand quantity, processing cost, product type, etc. The price of lithium battery with labor costs, manufacturers strength, the production of raw materials, logistics, transportation etc. A down and look at the following factors affecting polymer lithium battery pack price.

1。 Cylindrical lithium-ion battery quotation also has something to do with the battery diaphragm

usually import battery diaphragm quality relatively must be better than the domestic production of battery diaphragm, lithium batteries offer each big manufacturer with battery diaphragm use quality also has a lot to do, the product research and development of the need to look at his use lithium battery performance index using standard specification.

2。 Cylindrical lithium-ion battery quotation with manufacturers strength enterprise brand size

lithium battery price and lithium battery pack manufacturer's technical innovation ability, firmly connected. The stronger the manufacturers strength, its technology, the more the more production and technical personnel. Research and development of the sample production cycle is shorter. Have requirement in bulk, lithium batteries will be a little bit more than the small lithium battery pack factory lower unit price. Small batch of small type electric battery manufacturer price will be lower. The main reason is because open mold fee is not the same as the result of artificial cost is not the same.

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