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A grade of high capacity polymer battery batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-10-11

actually polymer batteries is also affiliated with lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are divided into: liquid lithium ion batteries and polymer batteries two kinds. Two batteries for who is gentle, can not compare, mainly is to look at the manufacturer's technical strength. Polymer batteries: usually adopt soft lu: su composite packaging film. For half the solid polymer. Gentle discharge performance indicators, high efficiency, small internal resistance. Safety performance is good, have over-current, over-voltage protection facilities.

use cycle charge-discharge cycles were probably five hundred times. But polymer batteries are normally use aluminum foil to the outer packing is easy deformation, without collision, overvoltage protection by different production manufacturers, there are good and bad, and so on the product quality. 18650 batteries, lithium ion battery is lithium battery of advanced products, after years of development, the lithium ion battery technology has been relatively mature and perfect, a lot of batch production has let its manufacturing cost is very low. Lithium ion battery on price will therefore more advantages than lithium polymer batteries. That is why most of the current facilities such as laptop computers will use this batteries. Now mobile charger is the most widely used steel 18650 battery shell, has high safety coefficient, technology already quite mature and perfect production technology, prices cheaper than polymer battery at the same time, occupying most of the lithium battery pack market share, more common in the laptop batteries.

what is super grade A polymer battery batteries

super grade A polymer battery batteries is in 2013 has widely used in batteries used in high-end mobile phone and mobile equipment, with full of green environmental protection, not easily explosion is famous the world. Super polymer batteries, batteries, and can be called high capacity than A grade of polymer batteries battery, this is A relatively new concept, and traditional difference this battery has more important technical difficulty and the production cost of products are more important, but the volume capacity density, weight, density and safety performance on more than 10 to 20.

batteries biggest advantage is cheap, the cost is low. Defect is relatively poor security, has the potential to blow itself up. About one hundred yuan level mobile charger is mostly used by 18650 lithium ion batteries. 18650 the use cycle life of lithium ion batteries is 300 times or so.

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