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A new fast charging method for space lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2021-03-14
Abstract: In order to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional high-power microwave remote sensing satellite constant current to constant voltage 'single strategy' and long charging time, the article proposes a new type of space lithium battery pack that aims to depolarize and speed up the charging process based on Mars’ three laws. The charging strategy, that is, in a charging cycle, using multi-stage segmented constant current charging and adding a fixed threshold short-time discharge, this method can increase the allowable charging current of the lithium battery without reducing the battery cycle life. In MATLAB/SIMULINK software A simulation model of a primary bus voltage unregulated power supply system based on the sequential switching and shunting of solar arrays was built, and a case simulation and comparative analysis were carried out. The results show that the fast charging strategy can save charging time by more than 56 times and can effectively eliminate charging polarization. The research results of this article can provide new ideas for the future multi-mode charging control of lithium batteries on orbit. Keywords: spatial lithium batteries; fast charging; charging polarization; unregulated bus lithium batteries have high specific energy and small thermal effects. No memory effect and other characteristics, it has gradually become the third generation of space energy storage power supply after nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries. The cycle life of lithium batteries is an important factor affecting the service life of spacecraft in orbit, and its performance, service life and charging The method is closely related. The traditional view is that high-current charging will cause irreparable damage to the positive active material of the battery, and will also cause grid corrosion, gas evolution, etc., which will cause the battery to fail prematurely. Therefore, conservative methods are generally used at present. When selecting the charging curve, use a small fixed value for constant current charging, and use small rate charging in exchange for a longer cycle life. However, in the actual satellite payload use, taking microwave loads as an example, it often faces high power consumption and long working hours This can lead to unbalanced charging and discharging of the battery during the orbital cycle of 'Earth Shadow and LightFast charging method with little impact on service life. At present, lithium battery fast charging has been studied in the field of new energy sources such as ground electric vehicles. The literature has studied on-board battery fast charging methods and ground fast charging station design, and the results can be used for reference. This article first introduces the basic theory of lithium battery pack fast charging, combined with the more mature spatial sequential switch shunt regulator (Se-quential Switching Shunt Regulator, S3R) type unregulated bus power system topology, to study the fast charging method of lithium battery, Finally, the simulation and verification results are given. This paper introduces the rapid charging strategy of lithium batteries for ground-based electric vehicles into the aerospace field. Based on Mars’s third law, a new space lithium battery rapid charging method is proposed, which uses multi-stage segmented constant current charging and adding Short-term discharge with a fixed current threshold. A simulation model of the S3R unregulated busbar power supply system is built in MATLAB/SIMULINK, and the traditional lithium battery pack constant current to constant voltage charging strategy and the fast charging strategy proposed in this article are simulated and compared. . The simulation results show that the fast charging strategy can save more than 56 charging time and greatly shorten the charging process, thus verifying the correctness of the fast charging strategy. It needs to be pointed out that most spacecraft load is relatively stable at present, and fast charging strategy is generally not needed in orbit. However, for spacecraft with short-term high-power load application requirements, such as satellites equipped with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) payloads, the use of a fast charging strategy can increase the number of SAR payload startups and prolong their working hours compared with the same period last year, thus having better The ability to provide services to users. In the future, satellite payloads are developing in the direction of high power and diversification. The fast charging method proposed in this article can provide new ideas for multi-mode charging control of lithium batteries in orbit by spacecraft. u003c/pu003e
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