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Activated laptop battery, laptop battery charger into electricity how to activate

by:dcfpower     2020-12-14

today, many people most smart phones or laptops, high-tech electronic equipment has become everyone's necessity, in the daily work and life study and so on, we chat mobile Internet, play games, watch TV, play music, and so on can be done by them, have to admit, electronic equipment to make our life more convenient more splendid. Today small make up mainly with everyone know about the problem about laptop batteries. Activated laptop battery, laptop battery charger into electricity how to activate, notebook battery does not charge or dissatisfaction to do, the following is the corresponding solution.

laptop batteries charged into the electricity may not have the following two reasons for

1, the notebook computer software problems

usually, many computer brands such as Dell, lenovo, SONY, etc. , will be for your laptop with standard power management software, if applied some & other; Battery protection mode & throughout; , power management software in detection to customer after application of the ac power is allowed to battery charging and discharging, thereby to increase the battery life. So, if you perceive your own laptop is not charging, can enter related power management software, first close the battery protection mode or check are not allowed to be charging options, if the hardware is no problem, the battery can charge.

2, notebook battery itself hardware problems

hardware itself defective batteries own hardware failure, often down, we can apply to restart the computer, plug the battery again, if the battery still can't charge, so might as well to assemble some hardware detection applications, get resources for information about the battery consumption. If sure is battery hardware failure, don't open or attempt to repair by oneself, there is a hidden trouble, proposed to take to repair.

laptop battery not charging solution: replace the batteries or depth of discharge.

if the battery is mainly because of cell aging problems, we need to replace batteries or depth of discharge method is solved, but these actions are likely to lead to damage to the battery or unable to apply, so before to remember to be careful.

laptop battery is not charging the solution 2: using software method to refresh the batteries.

IBM laptop provides a software, through the software we can display information is not correct for battery capacity and battery life cut short is good solution. To run this software, laptops will automatically according to the status of the battery to proofread and discharge of the battery, when the program finished process can be found that the battery to future actual capacity and design capacity gap will be smaller ( But there's still a lot of) 。

laptop battery is not charging solution 3: use the method of firmware refresh batteries.

some laptop manufacturer to embed the battery correct program flow (in the BIOS firmware If the ASUS) When, as long as the boot into the BIOS perform battery correct program flow.

activation treatment:

the following battery needs to be activated treatment:

1. The new battery application.

2。 For a long time not used batteries, battery from laptop to store state, apply now to this battery.

3。 For a long time not used laptops or deposited battery from laptop over the standby ( Time more than two or three months) And now again when applying this battery.

laptop battery charge it into electricity how to activate, activation method

1. To activate the chemicals within the laptop battery recharged repeatedly

activate the chemicals inside the battery, maximize the performance of the battery, through repeated charge and discharge the battery ( Fully charged and then completely discharge) 3 times. To fully charge and discharge is to point to: normal boot for battery to 3% battery ( Best consumed at a time, also can be divided into several times to power, but should not be apart too long) And then be sure to immediately shutdown for battery charging 12 hours. Here special emphasis must be immediately to recharge batteries, is due to the battery even if no application will be self discharge, when the battery power consumption to 3%, at this moment, if not in time to recharge batteries, self-discharge phenomenon easy to cause the battery over discharge and damage battery and over discharge is a big taboo of lithium-ion batteries.

2。 To shut down the notebook computer, complete the full charge of the battery

to activate the battery charging, machine must be turned off. If at the moment waiting for machine, hanging state, such as when the charge to green power after 3 ~ 4 hours when the lights are no longer jumping up and down, the machine will automatically stop charging the battery, to be able to fully charged batteries. When discharge to 3% power, the machine will automatically enter a dormant state, at this moment should restart the machine, in the process of machine start click the shutdown button in the lower left the phone's screen, the machine shutdown. If every details of the above operations master well, and your battery quality and there is no problem, can be very good to activate the chemicals inside the battery, maximize the performance of the battery, battery in normal application basically to fill to one thousand percent every time.

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