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Advantages and disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries Shenzhen battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-29

the lithium battery pack has strict management to the charge and discharge current, may not be particularly large, discharge working voltage slowly slide at the same time, the change is opposite bigger, but lithium batteries work efficiency is higher, and no memory effect; Nickel cadmium battery large current fast charge, and can also provide high current load and discharge at the same time operating voltage change is very small, but its work efficiency is low, charge memory effect in severe cases; capacity is relatively high, the same weight, volume than actually is much bigger than nimh battery capacity, good! Today let's take a look at the pros and cons lithium-ion batteries.

main advantages of lithium battery:

1. voltage high platform, can make a good lithium battery pack pack

high lithium battery voltage platform: monomer battery voltage to an average of 3. 7 v or 3. 2 v, is approximately equal to three nickel cadmium battery or nickel metal hydride batteries in series voltage, is advantageous to the battery power pack.

2。 Energy than high, weight is light

compared with high energy density batteries, lithium batteries. High energy storage density, at present has reached 460 - 600 wh/kg, it is about 6 - lead-acid batteries Seven times. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries light weight, under the same volume weight is about 1/5 of the lead acid products, 6.

3。 Still have a long service life is long, cycles

a longer service life than lithium-ion batteries, service life can be up to six years, lithium iron phosphate for positive cells in 1 cdod charged to put, can use the record of one thousand;

4。 No memory effect for high power

high power capacity, in the midst of the electric car with lithium iron phosphate lithium ion battery can reach 15 - 30 c of charge and discharge ability, is advantageous in starting and accelerating the high intensity; Low self-discharge rate, no memory effect;

5。 Adapt ability strong resistance to high and low temperature

lithium battery high and low temperature adaptability is strong, can be in - 20℃- - 60 ℃ under the environment of use, through the treatment process, can be in - 45 ℃ environment use; Green, environmental protection and energy saving, regardless of the production and processing, use and scrap, how don't with, also won't form any poisonous and harmful heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and material.

the disadvantage of lithium battery:

1, lithium battery safety performance is poor, there is a risk of explosion.

electrochemical properties of lithium was born is very lively, represented a slightly do not pay attention to this will lead to explosion

2, cobalt acid lithium materials of lithium batteries can not large current discharge, poor safety performance.

poor safety performance is easy to form overheating, the formation of safety accident safety performance is relatively poor

3, lithium battery must protect circuit, avoid discharge battery overcharge.

lithium battery protection circuit, otherwise it's easy to overcharge formation takes serious explosion

4 conditions demanding, the production processing, rising costs.

along with the social living standards improve, the materials of various materials and rapid rise, raw material lithium followed a rising tide lifts all boats, rising, led to the cost of production and processing is intensifying.

5。 charging ways is relatively fixed, can not apply

lithium battery charging ways is relatively fixed, the pressure limiting current limit method, namely the current and voltage are given a limit threshold, and lead-acid battery charging method is more.

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