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Advantages and disadvantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries, 32650 more than 32650 battery internal resistance

by:dcfpower     2020-11-20

32650 batteries with 18650 lithium-ion batteries that use a little more? That a better, personally think that 32650 lithium batteries should be high end points, 32650 lithium batteries can be used in smart parking lock project, family projects with energy storage lithium batteries, instruments and meters, solar photovoltaic energy storage projects, small energy storage battery project and so on a wide range of areas. 32650 battery application category so widely, it must have advantages and disadvantages, today we have the advantages and disadvantages of lithium iron phosphate battery, 32650, 32650 battery internal resistance.

32650 lithium iron phosphate batteries

a, high energy density

32650 lithium battery storage capacity is usually between 5 a ~ 7 a, the energy density is relatively high, but also is as high as one hundred and ninety Wh/Kg.

2, long life

32650 lithium battery pack's service life is relatively long, under normal circumstances when using cycle life of up to one thousand times or so.

three, high safety coefficient

32650 lithium battery safety coefficient is high, not blast, not burning; Non-toxic, green environmental protection, green environmental protection battery, through the RoHS certification. Mainly of green environmental protection, so the battery on the & other; 15 & throughout; During the period of & other; 863' Plan high-tech products development trend in our country, to become China's top priority for and encourage the development trend of project.

a report clearly pointed out that the operation process of needle or short circuit experiments combustion phenomenon, found a small number of samples but did not produce case of explosion accident, after filling experiments using several times well beyond its own self-discharge voltage of high voltage charging, found that still have a blast. Even so, the overcharge safety than common liquid electrolyte cobalt acid lithium batteries, have continued to improve greatly.

4, high low temperature performance is good to use

under the condition of continuous high temperature 55 ℃ self-discharge efficiency. Low temperature - Under the condition of 10 ℃ self-discharge efficiency reached nine hundred and fifty percent. Broad category of working temperature, high temperature resistant characteristics.

5, high voltage

lithium battery nominal voltage in 3. 7 v, far higher than the nominal voltage 1 of nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries. 2V。

6, no memory effect

lithium battery charging anytime and anywhere anytime anywhere self-discharge, battery capacity and no attenuation. Without this phenomenon of lithium iron phosphate battery, battery no matter in what condition, can use increases with the increasing charge, do not need to first put the recharging.

7, small internal resistance

32650 battery internal resistance less than 10 m Ω, greatly reduce the wastage of the battery pack is unnecessary.

eight, can be any combination of

according to customer needs, can be combined into the corresponding battery pack.

9, light

contrast in lead-acid batteries, lithium battery pack pack is more portable, weight nearly half the weight of lead acid batteries only.

32650 lithium iron phosphate batteries shortcomings

1. Cost of the high cost of

high cost of the process, raw material your

2. Manufacturers less

this battery manufacturers relatively little production, on the market is not very fire, are a large number of USES 18650 lithium battery in the majority.

12。 8 v60ah32650 solar street light energy storage battery parameters of lithium iron phosphate

( 1) Battery charge cut-off voltage: 14. 6V

( 2) Due the battery self-discharge voltage: 10. 0V

( 3) Charging current: standard charge: 0. 1 c, quick charge: 0. 2C

( 4) Working environment: charging: 10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, self-discharge: - 10℃~ + 60℃,35 ~ 85% rh

( 5) Product characteristics: high security, long life, high and low temperature high efficiency

( 6) Areas of application: solar energy lamp energy storage battery

( 7) Lithium electricity protection, overcharge protection, discharge protection, self-discharge over-current protection, short-circuit protection self-discharge

32650 lithium iron phosphate battery internal resistance much

the lithium iron phosphate battery internal resistance is mainly involves two parts, the ohmic resistance and the polarization resistance under the condition of constant temperature, basic stable, ohmic resistance and the polarization resistance changes with the adverse factors, which affect the level of polarization. Lithium iron phosphate battery internal resistance, static resistance and working resistance is usually not the same, in different natural environment, the temperature is not the same as the internal resistance of also have change.

lithium battery internal resistance high can't large current self-discharge, theory of internal resistance is lower, the better, and storage capacity is a direct relationship between the internal impedance. Usually lithium battery hypothesis 1 ampere hour, internal resistance, about 30 to 80 ma, and good power lithium electricity can be below 15 ma.

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