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Advantages of cobalt-free lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-13

Cobalt-free lithium batteries can not only improve electrical performance, increase life and improve safety, but also reduce costs and get rid of the dependence of cathode materials on cobalt. In the existing ternary system of lithium-ion power batteries, the cost of cathode materials accounts for 30% to 45%. Taking the 523 system as an example, cobalt accounts for 20% of it. As a strategic resource, the price of cobalt The fluctuation will directly affect the cost of the final battery cell.

As for the cobalt metal in cobalt-lithium batteries, it is a rare metal in itself, and it is also one of the most expensive metal materials in automotive battery materials. Data shows that the domestic reference price of cobalt metal on February 18 was 277,500 yuan/ton. Therefore, the current cost of a cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate battery is 0.6/wh, and the cost of a ternary lithium battery pack with cobalt reaches 0.85/wh. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that cobalt-free lithium batteries have advantages in production costs.

Take the lithium iron phosphate battery without cobalt lithium battery pack as an example, the service life is longer. Calculated according to full charge, the current cycle life of lithium iron phosphate batteries can reach about 2000 times, while the number of cycles for full charge of ternary lithium ion batteries is about 1000 times. Therefore, longer service life is also one of the advantages of cobalt-free lithium batteries.

Currently, ternary lithium-ion batteries on the market are more used in family cars, and cobalt-free batteries are used in passenger cars, public transportation vehicles or electric logistics vehicles, and there are very few current applications. There were safety incidents on buses, but there were countless spontaneous combustion incidents on family cars because of batteries. And in theory, cobalt-free batteries are safer than ternary lithium-ion batteries.

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