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Advantages of lithium battery hybrid tire crane

by:dcfpower     2021-02-21
The tire crane is generally composed of three major mechanisms, namely, the lifting mechanism, the trolley mechanism and the large vehicle mechanism. Among them, the lifting mechanism requires the largest energy, accounting for more than 65% of the energy required by the RTG. The lifting mechanism is powered by a diesel generator when it is rising, and a certain amount of energy is generated when the lifting mechanism is lowered. Conventional tire cranes consume this part of energy through energy-consuming resistors, but this method is neither energy-saving nor environmentally friendly. . Adding a lithium battery pack system to the tire crane can solve this problem well. The energy generated when the lifting mechanism is lowered is stored in a lithium battery, and the lifting mechanism is driven by a diesel generator and a lithium battery when the lifting mechanism is raised. Since lithium batteries provide most of the energy, the capacity of diesel generators can be much smaller. The larger the battery capacity of the lithium battery pack system, the smaller the capacity of the diesel generator set, and the better the energy saving effect. Generally, hybrid tire cranes are still equipped with braking units and energy consumption resistors. The main consideration is that when the lithium battery pack system fails, the tire cranes can run slowly and leave the work area to ensure the reliability of the hybrid tire crane. However, the power of the energy consumption resistor can be selected to be smaller, as long as the slow lifting and the normal operation of the tyre crane mechanism and the trolley mechanism are taken into consideration when lifting no load. Hybrid tire cranes and conventional diesel generator-driven tire cranes have many advantages. The most prominent one is fuel saving. Secondly, because hybrid tire cranes use low-power diesel engines, they reduce noise and exhaust emissions. Hybrid-powered tire cranes eliminate the main drawbacks of conventional tire cranes, and provide technical support for the widespread use of container operating machines such as tire cranes. Of course, there is another kind of more environmentally friendly tire crane, that is, the mains tire crane. This kind of tire crane requires the terminal yard to provide mains power, and the mains power is used to replace the diesel generator to supply power to the tire crane. The advantages of hybrid tyre cranes and utility tyre cranes are also obvious: First of all, utility tyre cranes require the terminal yard to provide utility power. In this way, the layout of the terminal yard must be considered when planning and designing the yard. Power tire cranes have relatively few requirements on the terminal yard; Secondly, when the mains tire crane is in the transition, the mains power supply must be cut off, and then the diesel generator is used to realize the transition, and the mains must be reconnected after the transfer. Power supply, in this way, the efficiency and flexibility of the mains tire crane is much worse than that of the hybrid tire crane. All in all, hybrid tyre cranes are more superior than conventional tyre cranes and utility tyre cranes. For details of the article, please refer to 'Application of Technology on Wheel Cranes'u003c/pu003e
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