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After the purchase of nimh batteries, nickel metal hydride battery usage is introduced

by:dcfpower     2020-10-29

nimh batteries, nickel is extremely, extremely hydrogen high-energy battery rechargeable batteries. Nimh batteries are the advantages of no memory, the ecological environment of green environmental protection, as the environmental protection battery, with the same size of nickel cadmium and lithium batteries, by contrast, cost price is moderate, cadmium electric capacity than high, but low than lithium electricity, heavier than lithium electricity rather than cadmium electric light in weight, the disadvantage is that high self-discharge rate.

idle nimh batteries, storage of the ecological environment and time common note:

1, the battery should store in a cool, dry air of ecological environment, working environment temperature - 20~30℃; 2, battery before first use should be to do a complete charge and discharge cycle, in order to activate the battery;

3, idle or storage battery at least once every three months time to fully charge and discharge cycle activation, considering the high nickel metal hydride battery self-discharge rate, prompted the battery in the discharge, greatly shorten the service life of the battery and reduce the performance;

4, spare batteries should be open, the battery should be removed from the equipment when not in use, in order to avoid the battery for a long time in a discharge situation caused by the damaged

corresponding configuration nimh batteries and battery charging description

1, the battery pack into the machinery, equipment or removed from the machines please turn off in case 2, please use the NI - CD( Nickel cadmium) Or NI - MH( Nickel metal hydride) Exclusive ancillary charger without matching charger may charge it into electricity or dissatisfaction and damage battery

4, battery charging, shall, within 20 & plusmn; Carried out under working environment temperature of 5 ℃, otherwise may be filled with the rated power 5, fill the electric battery, we should remove the charger, in order to avoid overcharge, greatly shorten the battery life and reduce the performance.

6, nickel metal hydride batteries using the best method is to fill the battery and discharging to row out, avoid to use and use was, especially to avoid overcharge, causing battery life significantly shortened, a significant reduction in performance.

nimh battery use safety warning:

1, must avoid the battery storage temperature, high temperature resistant in the tide.

2, place the battery must be avoided in the fire, lest cause explosion. Must avoid the battery terminal short circuit or to the battery charging battery.

3, disassemble the battery case must be avoided. Must avoid the dangerous of the ecological environment to carry out the battery installed. Scientific and reasonable about battery placed in the open field

4, users hands wet, and touch the battery must be avoided. Must avoid using solvent such as benzene or banana oil clean the battery. Caused as much as possible to avoid cleaning batteries, battery scrap, electricity form the safe hidden trouble.

5 abnormal noise, temperature, when the battery, or leakage, please stop using, pay attention to the light to take light put, don't squeeze, nickel metal hydride batteries due to hit the battery, otherwise the battery may heat or fire

nimh battery structure and assembly

science reasonable battery structure helps to play the best performance of the battery. The configuration of the polar substance, and the degree of tight pine of lithium battery pack assembly, battery, the size of the upper chamber pressure inside the battery internal resistance, and utilization of active material has a certain degree of influence. Battery in the process of assembling welding process, welding quality of battery discharge performance has a larger degree of influence.

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