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Agv car lithium-ion batteries, agv car lithium-ion batteries battery which is good

by:dcfpower     2020-10-14

shenzhen science and technology development co. , LTD. , in 2001, gradually began to engage in professional technology research and development of lithium battery custom manufacturing, technical team members engaged in professional AGV car lithium battery pack manufacturing industry more than 20 years of practical experience. For enterprise customers to ensure safe and reliable, green environmental protection of lithium battery matching scheme. With many years of practical experience in the field of lithium battery pack business, products have been manufacturing industry by many corporate clients, is a perfect lithium battery pack manufacturers. Do the lithium battery, we are serious! Have any demand can contact us. Here we take a look at agv car lithium-ion batteries, agv car lithium-ion batteries battery which is good.

agv car lithium-ion batteries battery which good

agv car lithium-ion batteries battery which good? Shenzhen science and technology development co. , LTD. , why we see at the bottom of agv car known characteristics of lithium battery products

product features

1. Communications equipment basic functions:

choose LCD display information voltage power, easily display power; GX16 socket communication equipment interface;

2。 Anderson analog output:

choose Anderson large current analog output interface, in order to enhance conductive safety and reliability;

3。 Data communications standardization management:

choose seiko IC + TI charger standardized management chip, accurate data transmission, accurate temperature control system, the maximum removal of safety accidents.

4。 Performance is good, safe, reliable and stable

battery safe and reliable, special handle, ultra-low temperature performance is good, circulation service life is long; High battery cycle life, conform to the standard of low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving, green environmental protection value core idea;

a long time not to use the agv car how should we deal with lithium-ion batteries

1, in preparation for a long time not used in front of the store, lithium battery charge should be.

2, AGV car of lithium-ion batteries store the lithium battery must be from the AGV car dismantling down independent store, although not discharge AGV car shut off the power, but the lithium battery will still should line together with the AGV car and power consumption.

3, eliminate all the connected lithium battery power supply, including cables and connectors.

4, lithium batteries store natural environment as far as possible air dry air flow, shall not be affected by long sunlight and rain erosion, the environment temperature should not be less than 32 & deg; F, the environment temperature is lower, the faster the rate of self-discharge, that is why we use lithium battery equipment power usage in the winter.

5, each more than a month, lithium batteries can be shaking, the best choice to charge completely.

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