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Amd and day battery which good, lithium battery which is durable

by:dcfpower     2020-11-28

there are trade will have the market demand, market demand will have advantages and disadvantages, to a single in the heated market demand, only to rely on excellent product quality problem, performance index and to win customers, let consumers be dead set of consumption. In terms of power lithium batteries in mainland China market, continuously improve product quality of the battery problem and performance indicators, obedient durable service life long battery car users demand can be long-term development, now has a super big brands and day, in the battery industry development is a very long time, let's look at amd to battery and day which good, lithium battery which is durable.

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amd to battery and day which good

I think the day can good battery. Spleen, at the end of the day is more service, amd is good also, thanks to years of advertising play very loud, but not clear what reason because it gave me the feeling is not good day, both excellent large current discharge performance, specifically, high specific energy, long life and other characteristics, is the electric bicycle project supporting facilities of the power supply. Especially it safe and reliable sealing structure, no leakage by numerous users. In promotion this day can not amd is doing so well, and not too much detail, just used to just know something good and bad, advertising is just used to make a proper reference, not used as a measure of specification. I ride a storage battery to the battery has been in the day, the boss also recommended me to change. Although amd is cheaper, but how much money can't improve the quality of good or bad, oneself use for a long time the brand still is able to believe that, day batteries I can use to change once a year and a half.

if you value range, you can use the amd battery. Battery industry in mainland China at the end of the day amd is benchmarking, amd products are usually powerful batteries, speed is rapid, at the same time mileage performance is also very good.

day to the competitive advantage of lithium-ion batteries

1. Day to lithium battery pack diversification strategy layout, industrial chain and perfect recycling batteries

development design specifically for the traditional 3 c digital trade, ultra light storage battery, car/minivans at low speed and high range of passenger vehicle and energy storage in areas such as lithium battery products, ensure the company's products in different series of complementary. At the same time day can also in the strategic layout of the power lithium battery recycling, build the company's new energy industry ecosystem closed-loop management.

2。 Day to lithium battery accumulated rich experience and technology in the field of

actively to the development of new energy industry transformation, focusing on electric power lithium battery research and development and production and manufacturing, lead-acid battery technology mature, cost-effective and consumers love

3. Larger capacity and further range

standard two thousand mah high capacity batteries, performance is stable, wide range of environment temperature, resistant to over charge discharge, long service life, etc.

amd the competitive advantage of lithium-ion batteries

1. Amd lightweight structure design of lithium battery

use high-energy type aluminum-plastic film plastic flexible packaging, lithium battery pack energy density is high, the reasonable and effective improved the car mileage, can do it for a long life.

2。 Amd lithium battery pack service life is long, high temperature resistant low temperature

can fully meet the service life of eight years or one hundred and twenty thousand kilometers, and with good environmental adaptability, in weathered rain and snow weather, 20 ℃ below zero, or cold area can keep good running performance.

3。 Mature production technical level is high, the design and development system

technical level can be as on the one hand, small make up understand amd has a professional research and development department, at the same time with total quality supervision system, more than twenty thousand employees all involved in the battery parts quality inspection and supervision.

amd to lithium battery durable and day which paragraph

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