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Amd battery's official website using and maintenance of battery are suggested

by:dcfpower     2020-10-24

amd group was founded in 1998, the world's ten cutting-edge professional environmental protection new energy solutions provider, comprehensive ranking among all over the country light top new energy battery top first shortly before the small make up web surfing amd the battery's official website, I noticed the amd lithium battery pack website has many dry knowledge, extraction and sorting first part of the information content is forwarded to you, hope you see after can guarantee the safety of the battery. Next we take a look at amd battery's official website using and maintenance of battery are suggested.

the battery in the process of assembly and use, also note the following.

1。 Before assembly and test battery is a leakage phenomenon, and use wet cloth clean surface of the battery, such as detect battery casing crack, leakage, should be moved around the battery immediately, in case the cause acid corrosion.

2。 Battery should stand assembly, can not be upside down, the distance between adjacent cells is greater than 2 mm each other, at the same time to shock, pressure defense, assembly and firm, not in use can leap into dynamic impact, friction each other, can't ooze water.

3。 In order to ensure the safe use and assembly cell battery box must be set aside is not less than 8 mm air vent, and can not be blocked, prevent the battery form of gas accumulation in the battery box.

4。 The battery in accordance with the requirements of enterprise group with the whole series connection, positive and negative polarity should be correct, and ensure the fixed point contact is excellent, prevent formation of sparks.

5。 Electric door lock, such as the insurance is easy to form the edm device must be isolated from the battery.

6。 The battery to use parameters matching chargers, cannot excessive charging and long lost electricity.

7。 Battery can't come near the fire, heat source, high temperature hot time banned really pick up in the sunlight exposure, avoid violent vibration, impact, battery in case of damage to the battery.

amd the use of the official website of the battery and battery maintenance advice

1, the battery for a long time without will gradually to discharge, until completely scrapped, so if a long time need not, to be broken open bai battery wires and a while, 6 weeks) Will start a car, battery charging.

2, when the car dashboard display battery when the battery is low, must immediately charge.

3, the relative density of electrolyte should according to different regions, different times according to the standard to carry out regulation.

4, should complement when losing electricity distilled water or dedicated rehydration, must not drink pure water to replace.

5, when starting car, the use of continuous start chance to cause excessive battery discharge and damaged, every time a car of the time not more than 5 seconds, start again the time interval is not less than 15 seconds.

6, daily life while driving, pay more attention to check if the hole in the battery cover.

7, did test battery is the cathode oxidation phenomenon.

8, inspection control circuit have any old or short circuit fault, prevent battery shorten because of excessive discharge.

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