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Analysis of common faults and causes of lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-02-21
u003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003cpu003e   Summary of causes of abnormal lithium battery pack, including lithium battery pack capacity, internal resistance of lithium battery, voltage of lithium battery pack, ultra-thick size, open circuit, etc. The battery capital has briefly summarized and shared with everyone, these abnormalities The reasons are often encountered during the production process, and netizens are welcome to add them~u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eCommon failures and causes of lithium batteries are mainly as follows: u003c/pu003e  1. Low battery capacity u003cpu003e   Reasons: a. The amount is small; b. The amount of material attached to both sides of the pole piece is quite different; c. The pole piece is broken; d. The electrolyte is less; e. The electrolyte conductivity is low; f. The positive and negative electrodes are not matched; g. Separator Porosity is small; h. Adhesive aging → attached material falls off; i. The core is too thick (not dried or the electrolyte is not penetrated) j. The volume is not fully charged when the volume is divided; k. The specific capacity of the positive and negative materials is small. u003c/pu003e  2. High internal resistance of the batteryu003cpu003e   Reasons: a. The negative electrode sheet and the tab lugs are welded; b. The positive electrode sheet and the lugs are welded; c. The positive electrode lug and the cap are welded; d. Welding of the shell; e. The internal resistance of the contact between the rivet and the pressure plate is large; f. No conductive agent is added to the positive electrode; g. There is no lithium salt in the electrolyte; h. The battery has been short-circuited; i. The porosity of the diaphragm paper is small. u003c/pu003e  3, the battery voltage is lowu003cpu003e  Causes:u003c/pu003eu003cpu003e  a. Side reactions (decomposition of electrolyte; impurity in the positive electrode; water); b. Not well formed (SEI film is not formed safely ); c. The customer’s circuit board leakage (refers to the battery returned by the customer after processing); d. The customer does not meet the requirements of the spot welding (the customer’s processed battery); e. Burr; f. Slight short circuit; g. Produce dendrites. u003c/pu003e  4. The reasons for the over-thickness are as follows: u003cpu003e  a. Weld leakage; b. Electrolyte decomposition; c. Undried moisture; d. Poor sealing of caps; e. Shell The wall is too thick; f. The shell is too thick; g. The core is too thick (too much material attached; the pole piece is not compacted; the diaphragm is too thick). u003c/pu003e  5. Abnormal battery formationu003cpu003e  a. Not well formed (SEI film is incomplete and dense); b. Baking temperature is too high → binder aging → stripping; c. The specific capacity of the negative electrode is low; d . There are too many materials on the positive electrode but less on the negative electrode; e. The cap leaks and the weld leaks; f. The electrolyte is decomposed and the conductivity is reduced. u003c/pu003e  6. Battery explosionu003cpu003e  a. The sub-container is faulty (causing overcharge); b. The diaphragm closure effect is poor; c. Internal short circuit. u003c/pu003e  7, battery short circuitu003cpu003e  a. Material dust; b. The casing is broken; c. The ruler is scraped (the diaphragm paper is too small or not properly padded); d. The winding is not uniform; e. Not wrapped ; F. There is a hole in the diaphragm; g. Burr u003c/pu003e   8. The battery is disconnected. u003cpu003e  a) The tabs and rivets are not welded well, or the effective solder joint area is small;u003c/pu003eu003cpu003e b) The connecting piece is broken (the connecting piece is too short or the welding is too low when spot welding with the pole piece) u003c/pu003eu003c/pu003e
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