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Analysis of temperature rise characteristics of lithium-ion power batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-11
[Abstract] Today, with the rapid development of lithium-ion power batteries, people are paying more and more attention to their safety performance. Among them, heat is one of the leading factors affecting battery safety performance. In order to study the heat generation of the battery during use, this paper simulates and calculates the nickel-cobalt-manganese ternary material and lithium iron phosphate battery and different types of lithium iron phosphate batteries based on the temperature rise data of lithium-ion power batteries during rate discharge. Equivalent specific heat capacity, the results show that both the material and battery structure of the battery have an impact on the equivalent specific heat capacity of the battery and the battery temperature rise data. The temperature rise rate of the ternary material battery is faster than that of the lithium iron phosphate battery, and the volume is extremely large. The longer battery has a poor cooling system and a faster temperature rise. This conclusion provides a basis for the selection of battery manufacturing processes and materials, provides data support for the improvement of lithium battery pack safety performance, and has a profound and meaningful impact on the development of lithium-ion batteries. [Keywords]  Lithium ion power battery; equivalent specific heat capacity; material selection; battery structure; battery temperature riseu003cpu003eu003c/pu003e Lithium ion battery has the advantages of small size, high voltage, high capacity, good cycle performance, no pollution, no The memory effect and other advantages have developed rapidly in the domestic and foreign markets in recent years, and have become a new generation of rechargeable batteries after nickel-hydrogen batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have broad application prospects in the fields of electronic components, electric vehicles, and aerospace. However, during the use of lithium batteries, especially lithium-ion power batteries, they work in the form of battery packs, and the single cells are in a densely packed state. Therefore, the heat generation problem of the battery has always plagued people, making it safe to use Sexual issues hinder the development of lithium-ion batteries. During use and storage, due to different battery materials, structures, and operating conditions, the different degrees of heat generated by lithium ions cannot be dissipated in time, resulting in the accumulation of internal heat and the gradual increase in temperature, which will cause the internal battery A series of self-heating side-reactions, and these side-reactions will accelerate the rise of the battery temperature, which may eventually cause the thermal runaway of the battery and cause safety hazards. Therefore, research on the heat generation and heat dissipation performance of the battery has a very important guiding role for the safe use of the battery, and also has a very important significance for the optimal design and health management of the battery structure. u003cpu003eThe influence of battery materials on battery specific heat capacityu003c/pu003eu003cpu003e At present, the safety problems caused by heating of lithium-ion batteries have had a great negative impact in the minds of consumers, restricting the development of lithium-ion batteries. The choice of electrode material determines the heat generation capacity of the battery to a certain extent. The thermal stability of lithium batteries is the result of the synergy between the electrode material itself and the material. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003cpu003e By comparing the specific heat capacity of nickel cobalt manganese lithium ternary material battery and lithium iron phosphate battery, it can be found that the safety performance of ternary battery is inferior to that of lithium iron phosphate battery to a certain extent. Metabatteries are superior to lithium iron phosphate batteries in terms of unit watt-hour cost and voltage platform, but their safety factors seriously affect the use and development of the battery, so the temperature rise effect of the ternary battery is reduced, and the battery’s heat dissipation system is optimized. The development of China has extremely profound significance. The choice of battery materials determines the safety performance and even the service life of the battery to a certain extent. Therefore, when choosing battery materials, the battery cost, voltage, temperature rise effect, etc., should be comprehensively weighed in the use of the battery. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eThe influence of battery structure on battery specific heat capacityu003c/pu003eu003cpu003e The temperature rise of lithium battery pack is the combined effect of heat generation, heat conduction and thermal diffusion. The structure of the battery directly affects the heat conduction and heat diffusion of the battery, thereby affecting the temperature rise of the battery during operation. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003cpu003e The temperature rise phenomenon of lithium-ion power batteries in use has brought great hidden dangers to their safety performance, which seriously affects the use of lithium-ion batteries in consumers The impression in the mind. The temperature rise of lithium batteries comes from two parts: heat generation and thermal diffusion. The former is composed of four parts: reaction heat, Joule heat, polarization heat and decomposition heat, and is mainly affected by the battery manufacturing materials, while the latter is mainly affected by the battery structure and manufacturing process. The article simulates and calculates the equivalent specific heat capacity of lithium-ion batteries of the same structure and different materials and different structures of the same material according to the temperature rise of lithium-ion batteries during rate discharge, corresponding to the temperature rise data of several batteries during rate discharge, and found The temperature rise rate of the ternary material battery and the lithium iron phosphate battery is relatively fast, and the battery with a larger volume and a longer pole piece has a poorer heat dissipation system and a faster temperature rise. Because in the design and manufacture of batteries, the selection of battery materials and the formulation of the structure have a profound impact on the safety performance of the battery, and using this item as a breakthrough to reduce the temperature rise rate of the battery and improve the safety performance of the battery will also affect the lithium ion The development of power batteries has profound significance. u003c/pu003eu003c/pu003eu003c/pu003eu003c/pu003e
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