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And 18650 lithium polymer battery which is durable

by:dcfpower     2020-12-04

considering the time of high-end equipment manufacturing continuously increase, also considering the rising of green environmental protection market demand unceasingly, more and more green environmental protection product is applied to the industry market, in terms of battery industry market, lithium batteries, through its various features instead of the traditional Chinese lead-acid battery for a short period of time, into the backbone of the energy storage industry market. Type of lithium battery has a lot of, some extent is 18650 lithium batteries and lithium polymer batteries and the emergence of pushing many electronic products made into full play, so today I will take you to learn about and 18650 lithium polymer battery which is durable.

what is the 18650 lithium batteries

18650 that a large number, symbol shape size: 18 cell diameter of 18. 0 mm, 650 refers to the battery level 65. 0mm。 Common battery can be divided into 18650 lithium ion battery, lithium iron phosphate and nimh batteries. Working voltage and storage model specifications for nickel metal hydride battery voltage is 1. 2 v are common storage capacity is 2500 mah, lithium ion battery voltage is 3. 6 v are common storage capacity is 1500 mah - 3100MAH。

18650 lithium-ion batteries use

considering the storage unit density is very big, so often used in most of the used for laptop batteries, not only that, for his work on the stability of the 18650 performance is very good, widely used in various electronic devices industry field: often used in high-grade rechargeable flashlight, carry switching power supply, wireless wifi data transmissions, electric heating warm warm clothes, shoes, instrumentation equipment, handheld portable lighting lamps and lanterns, handheld copier, industrial production equipment, medical equipment, etc. The service life of the big.

what is a polymer battery

polymer battery is a kind of the latest model of high intensity, lithium-ion batteries for jelly polymer electrolyte, can need according to the enterprise products, produced by a variety of forms and storage battery, the minimum thickness of 0. Charging 5 mm, no memory effect.

polymer batteries

lithium polymer battery is solid polymer electrolyte, rather than a liquid electrolyte, the other with lithium batteries are basically the same. Polymer electrolyte material is made from a mix of power law fluid of various types of plastic film, in the main body of power law fluid in the polymers such as polyethylene oxide as solvent of does not move. Lithium polymer battery has the advantage that can be made into any style and relatively light, it is fully considering that it does not contain heavy metals and can't keep the electrolyte leakage plastic metal case.

1 uniformity lithium polymer battery, battery capacity is big also

in place for a long time after its storage capacity loss is small. Polymer lithium battery is the same size specifications of steel shell battery capacity 10 ~ 15%, relatively high aluminum battery 5 ~ one hundred percent, into a color screen mobile phone and smartphone of choice, present a new color on the market at present and most smartphones also with polymer batteries.

2。 Polymer battery life is long, the appearance can be customized customer requirements

normally use its cycle life can reach more than 500 times. Lithium polymer battery battery manufacturers don't we need to stick to standard shape, able to make to suit the size of the economy. Polymer lithium battery can according to customer demand increase or reduce the thickness of the batteries, batteries developed models, affordable, short version of the cycle, some even can also according to the mobile phone appearance is tailored, with metal case space flexible use of battery, battery capacity of ascension.

3。 Polymer battery no memory effect, strong security

empty without the remaining power before charging, use convenient and durable. Polymer lithium battery pack chooses aluminous model flexible packaging, in the structure is different from liquid metal case of batteries, if produce safe hidden trouble, liquid batteries are more likely to explode, and polymer batteries will only at most gas drum.

contrast polymer battery 18650 battery what benefits

1, 18650 is a common lithium battery pack batteries, using a liquid electrolyte, polymer battery is gel electrolyte, does not appear leakage conditions;

2, the high density of polymer battery, toughness and plasticity, can be made into any shape according to requirements of the mobile charger, such as storage of mobile charger more slim;

3, 18650 battery overcharge, the conditions such as fault, is likely to be mobile charger explosion, polymer battery will not.

and 18650 lithium polymer battery which is durable

lithium polymer batteries.

and 18650 lithium polymer battery had compared the performance between the two, idealized state of lithium polymer battery storage capacity up to thousands of ma/h, and more security and stability. Solid electrolyte as a suspected glue sealing, in the process of charging is not so easy to just gradually collapse. Lithium polymer battery is lithium ion battery upgrade iteration enterprise products. Relative to the social popular lithium ion battery, it has a large storage, small volume, Thin) , safe and reliable, Don't explode) Wait for an advantage. However, fully consider the upgrading of the industry FaZhanLian iteration needs a certain period of time, its cost ( Costs) Today is relatively high, only used in high-end custom digital electronic products ( Notebook computer, etc. ) 。

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