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Apple 6 battery changes how many money? 6 in apple battery steps

by:dcfpower     2020-12-11

apple 6 a play all kinds of games on the phone, no electricity shut down for a while, the nasty is charging treasure, holding in his hand as brick not overweight is not convenient? Mobile phone apple 6 battery is not durable, endurance is poor, can solve from the root cause? Of course, by changing the apple 6 lithium-ion batteries can perfect solve this problem, the battery changes and how much is it? If you don't go to the apple retail store change their batteries and how change? Believe that a lot of friend don't know that today we are going to see apple 6 battery changes how many money? 6 in apple battery steps.

apple 6 battery changes how many money?

apple authorized service for battery is the unique feature of the battery must have quality assurance, all of them are original battery, apple 6 original battery how many money? The iPhone 6 at apple official stores in original battery needs 359 yuan, more expensive than third-party batteries, but the quality is guaranteed, if the battery, in the third party if any the problem, the company can escape, and apple can justify refuses to provide after-sales service for you, whether any after-sales service.

usually mobile phone repair shop in is original battery, apple 6 battery changes how many money? Apple mobile phone battery price 100 also have change the original installation import, up and down the price than domestic battery high officer. Low side. Also can go online to buy imported from, then looking for a professional mobile phone repair return give you reinstall in line, if their personal ability strong words can also be moved around themselves.

apple 6 battery changes of method is:

1, ready for a variety of tools; Screwdriver, batteries, dial the piece, strong suction cups

entity shop to order a iPhone6 battery, order can be imported, you can also order some brand reputation is higher than the original battery

2, turn off the phone, the mobile phone with a screwdriver external screw off;

then use card pin, the fuselage side SIM cato. Then, the pentagon screwdriver remove the iPhone6 bottom two fixed screw

3, the mobile phone screen with strong chuck, notice need not too hard;

is the ease with which the phone screen separated from the panel, and gently pull here, in order to avoid the screen ribbon cable pulled apart or cause drag mark. Attached to the screen and gently pull the aperture, then inserted the triangle become warped piece and draw a circle along the screen from the bottom to the top, become warped edge up phone card buckle

4, when suck up the screen, the screen with triangles cut open, and no alternative triangles with fingernail is also can;

5, open mobile phone cover, use a screwdriver to unload between main board and battery of stainless steel stents;

a screwdriver and clip the screen ribbon cable and battery discharge line above the metal gland to remove

6, slowly pull with forceps between the battery and the metal shell tape;

with a lever or tweezers peeled off the bottom of the battery side glue, then use a screwdriver bit rolled out, wait until all tear off, can take out your old batteries directly after

7, in the new battery put tape;

the outfit a double-sided tape, it stuck to the battery negative, and the battery discharge line press discharge trough, the battery can stick.

8, the new battery back on the phone;

9, once again put on stainless steel stents, closed HouGaiBan, twist screws, can be accomplished.

10。 Cover the apple mobile phone and start to look at whether ok, no problem then no electricity power off. Finally, the two screws under fixed inside, restorable. Do-it-yourself conversion iPhone6 cell phone battery is accomplished!

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