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Application and advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the communications industry

by:dcfpower     2021-03-12

The communication base station is very important for the wireless communication of the entire city. It makes the network ubiquitous. If the base station stops functioning, for example, there will be no signal from the mobile phone, and there is no network, the remote communication will be interrupted. Such failures in the network age will undoubtedly bring a lot of inconveniences to life, so the stability of the base station's operation is very important.

Due to the high reliability requirements of communication, a complete communication power supply solution requires that the switching power supply system be equipped with a battery with high reliability and high safety. However, lead-acid batteries have a short lifespan and frequent maintenance. The performance in extreme temperature outdoor environments is far less stable than lithium iron phosphate batteries. Although the price is relatively expensive, the cost is completely worthwhile for the importance of the communications industry. We expect phosphoric acid in the future. Lithium iron batteries will become the main power supply configuration for many types of communication main equipment and auxiliary equipment. Lithium iron phosphate batteries mainly have the following applications in the communications industry:   (a) outdoor base stations;   (b) non-air-conditioned base stations such as Murata;   (c) indoor macro base stations with tight space;   (d) indoors powered by DC Coverage/distributed source stations;   (e) solar photovoltaic base stations in areas without mains or three or four types of mains;   (f) WLAN sites with DC power supply solutions, etc. UPS AC power system for communications UPS AC power system is mainly used in the AC main circuit part of the power supply and distribution system. The main scenarios for the application of UPS AC power system in the communications industry are as follows:   (a) AC power supply indoor coverage/distribution station;   (b) AC-powered micro-cell station;   (c) data room powered by embedded UPS;   (d) WLAN station with AC power supply scheme, etc. 240V/336V high voltage direct current power supply system (HVDC) for communications. The three major application advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the communications industry:    For the communications industry, we mainly focus on the three major advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries. The perspective of “material” reflects energy saving and emission reduction.    is small and light; for stations in civil houses, the cost of load-bearing reinforcement can be saved, and the construction of the station can be further accelerated, and the advantages of saving materials are more obvious. Excellent high temperature performance; excellent high temperature resistance can double the battery life of outdoor stations, reduce maintenance and battery replacement costs, and provide system reliability; in addition, in base stations with air conditioning, you can try to set the air conditioning to start at 35 degrees. It can effectively reduce the average power consumption of the base station, and the advantages of energy saving are more obvious.   High power discharge; iron batteries can still discharge more than 90% of the full capacity when discharged above 3C. The advantages of high power and deep discharge can effectively reduce the current total UPS backup battery When the capacity and capacity are reduced, problems such as excessive requirements on the space and load-bearing capacity of the computer room are also solved, and the advantage of saving land is more obvious. Lithium iron phosphate battery is a new thing in the mobile communication industry, but it has been unanimously recognized by various experts and scholars during the pilot verification of new products. Although some problems have been found, they have also been well resolved. We believe that this new type The application technology of batteries in the communications industry will be more mature. With the strong support and promotion of the government, lithium iron phosphate batteries will be used more widely.

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