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Assembly process of lithium battery, lithium battery manufacturing process

by:dcfpower     2020-10-13

the lithium battery pack has a lighter weight such as small size, large capacity, no memory effect is unique, so has been widely used, many digital products use the lithium battery as a power source. Assembly link in lithium batteries, lithium battery pack production this is a hot topic everyone more attention and discussion. That today follow the pace of our battery factory take a look at the assembly part of lithium-ion batteries, lithium battery pack production process.


1, the pulping:

with specific solvent and binder respectively are the cathode active material with powder, after rapid mixing slurry is the cathode material is made of.

2, coating:

will be made into pulp irregularly coated on the surface of metal foil, drying processes, their production is negative pole piece.

3, installation and use:

according to the positive plate - - The diaphragm - - The cathode piece - - Diaphragm top-down order have been placed by the winding into battery core, then through injecting electrolyte, pincer-like device, such as process, namely for the installation of the battery use link, made into battery products.

4, into:

with the commonly used to charge and discharge test of battery products, battery charging and discharging equipment of each battery only detect, pick out the standard battery products, to the factory. Lithium ion battery technology is very rigorous, is complex, the above are some simple introduce you don't want to get a simple.

lithium battery pack pack production installation note

1. All wire connection must be solid, bare copper wire, it is forbidden to touch each other by ( Involving the cross collision) , so easy to make the power source controller are destroyed and produces lithium battery protection board protection, without lights. It is strictly prohibited in the installation using the link between line and line short answer.

2。 The lights in the links of connection wait time will varies according to the time the power source controller Settings, the factory capacity lithium battery pack is normally half electric factory, install and use for the first time some bright light dark, belongs to the normal range, the normal charging 2 - Normal lights in 3 days. installation time is often the case during the day, should not be used at night for installation.

4。 In the use of polymer batteries, cover of aluminum-plastic composite membrane, top sealing side ( A shaft end sealing side) , side sealing side, extremely handle protection and avoid collision automation machinery, short circuit. Lithium polymer batteries, reliable positioning, batteries assembled in the shell should be tightened, will not, the whole structure of lithium battery is located in the state of consolidation.

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