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Basic structure of 18650 lithium ion battery

by:dcfpower     2021-03-29

1, 18650 lithium ion battery positive electrode structure: active material + conductive agent + binder + current collector (aluminum foil)

positive electrode formula:

Component material ratio Active material ternary (LiCo1-x–yNixMnyO2) 93.5%-96.5% conductive agent conductive carbon black (sp), conductive stone

ink (ks-6) 1.5%-4% binder polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) 2.0%-2.5% current collector aluminum foil

2, 18650 lithium ion battery anode structure

active material + Conductive agent + thickener + binder + current collector (copper foil)

Negative electrode formula:

component material ratio active material artificial graphite (C ) 93.5%-95.6% conductive agent conductive carbon black (sp), conductive stone

Ink (ks-6) 1.0%-2.5% binder styrene butadiene rubber emulsion (SBR) 2.1%-2.5% Current collector copper foil thickener sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC)


3, 18650 lithium ion battery diaphragm structure

Structure and characteristics of polyolefin membrane

Single-layer, double-layer single-layer, and double-layer three-layer materials PPPEPP/PE/PP production method dry method dry method, wet method dry method The advantages of the method are good heat resistance, good permeability, mechanical strength, high and low temperature closed cell (about 130°C), combining the advantages of PP and PE film, with good mechanical strength and higher safety. Disadvantages: safe shut-off temperature (closed cell temperature>140°C ) Higher than PE high temperature performance, worse than PP high temperature permeability, poor application range digital battery, power battery digital battery digital battery

4, 18650 lithium ion battery cap structure

The cap material and size of 18650 lithium ion battery No. Material name Original material size 1 Electrode cap 16.4*1.8*0.52 PIC16.33*10.1*0.33 explosion-proof aluminum Piece 16.35*1.12*0.34 Sealing ring 17.45*4.35 Connecting aluminum sheet 12.8*1.26 Insulating small rubber ring 13.2*0.9
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