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Batteries that can be used at low temperatures

by:dcfpower     2021-03-25

Batteries that can be used at low temperatures mainly include low-temperature nickel-metal hydride batteries, low-temperature polymer lithium batteries and low-temperature lithium iron phosphate batteries. The temperature ranges they can work in low-temperature environments are different, mainly because of materials and The difference in craftsmanship. The battery is a professional manufacturer of low-temperature batteries. The low-temperature batteries produced include the above three categories. Let's briefly understand the basic performance of the batteries that can be used at low temperatures.

1. Features of low-temperature nickel-metal hydride batteries: ultra-high capacity, high-power power supply, low self-discharge, safety and reliability, fast charging capability, longer cycle life, operating temperature range ( -20℃ to 50℃), cost-effective and cost-effective.

2. Features of low-temperature polymer lithium battery pack:

(1) High low-temperature discharge performance, discharge at 0.2C at the lowest temperature of -50℃, with an efficiency of more than 60%; at -40℃ Under the environment, discharge at 0.2C, the discharge capacity reaches 80%;

(2) Wide operating temperature range -50°C to 50°C;

(3) Excellent low temperature Cycle performance, charge and discharge at 0.5C at -30℃, keep the capacity above 85% after 300 cycles;

(4) High safety performance, passed UL/CE/UN certification;

(5) The size is flexible, and the size and shape can be designed and customized according to customer needs;

(6) It has the capacity of mass production, and the consistency of the battery is good;

(7) It can generate large current at -50℃ and maintain large capacity;

(8) It can be widely used in cold climates and military equipment.

3, low-temperature lithium iron phosphate battery characteristics:

Low-temperature performance: discharge capacity at -20 ℃ at 0.2C discharge capacity exceeds 85% of the initial capacity, at -30 ℃ is 70 %, the discharge capacity at -40℃ is about 55% of the initial capacity

Working temperature: wide operating temperature range, the lowest temperature can reach -40℃, the highest temperature can reach 55℃

Charging temperature: can be charged at -20℃

Cycle life: using lithium iron phosphate chemical substance, high safety, long cycle life

Product certification: UL/CE/ UN certification

Battery customization: flexible size, the size and shape of the battery can be designed separately according to customer needs

The above are manufactured batteries that can be used at low temperatures and related performance , As a battery power supply manufacturer with strong comprehensive strength, it can tailor a complete integrated battery power application program for customers, that is, from battery cell performance design to bms matching customization, to power product structure design and manufacturing, and finally product pack One-stop service.

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