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Battery capacity unit, the difference between mah and wh lithium battery capacity units

by:dcfpower     2020-10-05

you should all know, smart phone battery capacity of the unit are usually basic mAh ( Ma) , the greater the parameter value, means the battery capacity is larger, the more help to endurance. But in some iPhone and laptop battery capacity is Wh Watt hour) Normally when removing the battery part can see. So today we take a look at what is the battery capacity unit, mah lithium battery pack capacity unit and the difference between the wh.

what is the battery capacity

battery capacity is weigh one of the important performance parameters of the battery performance, it is formulated under the corresponding condition ( Discharge rate, temperature, terminate the electric version of the press, etc. ) Battery discharge power, that is, the capacity of the battery, generally in amperes & middot; Hour as the unit

battery capacity unit mah and wh, representing what

mah expression mah, wh describe ampere hour. Battery capacity of the physical meaning is refers to the battery can hold or release how much charge, usually with Ah, When Ann) Or mAh ( Mah) To describe.

according to the current definition of type: I = Q/t, I know Q = It, current is the unit of mA ( Ma) , t means is time, the unit is hour ( When) , so our battery capacity unit for the mAh. Expression, in other words, if a battery capacity of one thousand mAh, if he work at the time of the current 100 ma, the theory also can use ten hours power supply.

the difference between mah lithium battery pack capacity unit and wh

wh is voltage, current, and the amount of time is proportional to the relationship. And mAh in general as the battery charge and discharge index, it is and battery charger ( Put) Electric current, time is proportional to the index, to make it and Wh have comparable or commuting, also need to know the voltage of the battery. Simple speaking, is that Wh = mAh/one thousand * voltage.

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