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Battery charge it into electricity how to activate, lithium battery charge it into electricity

by:dcfpower     2020-11-27

normally open storage battery is lithium battery pack is broken, the main concern of the thousands of replacement battery, the key is on a period of time the battery was not, in general are will encounter not filling in electric power. Battery charge it into electricity in real life is very common, battery charger into electricity or because the electric conductor don't ride a period of time, the battery for long time loss caused by electricity and cannot be used, so the battery charge it into electricity how to activate? Then look at the battery charge along with everyone battery manufacturer is not into electricity how to activate, charge it into electricity to do.

how to activate the battery charger is not into electricity.

how to activate the battery charger is not into electricity. Battery charger is not next to summary the aspects into electrical activation methods:

battery charge it into electricity how to activate, series-parallel in group 1 good battery, battery charger. Its actual operation is in accordance with the number of your battery, find a good car to charge at the back of the mouth of the same cell line strip off the red line to red line, the black to black, then good plug in the battery charger (20 minutes watch battery can become very hot, if become hot unplug battery charger stopped on 1 hour again twenty minutes, so cycle three times with its own battery charger can charge normally. However, you must pay special attention to is no more than 4 hours of charging, then two filling, so can use normally.

battery charge it into electricity how 2, first check the battery can lack water, if the lack of water in distilled water, with 1/10 of the charging current, charging rating until full, with ten percent of the rated capacity discharge, then all the way to the finish, so after three or four times during the cycle, can repair. Battery charge it into electricity how to activate 3, with high power battery charger to charge, with a large current charge, thermal battery don't charge, temperature drop again after filling, continuous repeated several times for 2 to 3 days, can have a chance to activate.

there is a situation is probably electric lithium battery of battery chargers out of the situation, so the personal advice to examine the situation of battery charger.

battery charge it into electricity to do

1. If check the battery can be lack of electrolyte, electrolyte dry first add distilled water, add enough after don't cover the battery charging cap.

2。 Subsequent & other; Activate & throughout; , look for a 220 v / 200 w of ordinary incandescent lamp and battery together, received on 220 v alternating current (ac) in the home, can have a look at the LED bulbs can all normal.

3。 If can shine is normally energized again a minute or so and then disconnect the power supply, a few minutes later, once again, access to a minute.

4。 So 3 - again and again Five times, and then the battery to the battery charger, you can normally charge for 15 hours.

storage battery electric charge is not in reason

1, the lithium battery pack run out of battery, battery old

often completely run out of battery electric vehicle using lithium-ion batteries, which is often said that the excessive depth of discharge, the battery is caused this kind of behavior is not under normal circumstances, a battery charger into electricity if it is the battery because of the high usually is in the active power, battery attenuation caused by too fast, the service life of the run out. This can only change the battery. When the battery is old, also can't work through the repair, basically only scrap cannot be used.

2, poor contact fuse

when the fuse tube and poor contact between insurance seat, also can appear the battery charge it into electricity or rechargeable dissatisfaction is the case, just put the position of the set, make it keep good contact, the situation is resolved.

3, power distribution line is broken

possible short circuit caused by the charging interface failure, prompting electric lithium battery pack protection board independent open protection function to charge, this one must do maintenance to the charging interface. Can check the charging circuit connection, check the attachment whether it can keep good contact with plug, conscientious check box plug socket can have 'lighter' burning arc phenomenon, if there is a power distribution line is damaged, disconnects, etc. Check the battery charger is damaged, the charging parameters can meet customer requirements.

4, battery water loss

when battery water loss, can be in accordance with the provisions of the standard battery can use after filling water.

5。 Lithium ion battery storage time is too long

this one may not charge into the electricity at the beginning, to charge for a long time, usually after 3 - 5 times normally charge discharge cycles can activate cells, back to normal capacity, personal advice to use standard method charging this & other; Automatically activated & throughout; Is the best way.

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