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Battery naming method

by:dcfpower     2021-03-17

The battery naming method will be different due to different manufacturers, but the following naming method will generally be used. So what is the battery naming method? Let’s learn it briefly.

1. Basic naming order:

Number of single cells in series (V voltage ), battery type and characteristics, rated capacity (AH ampere hour)

For example: 3 FM3.0, 3FM3.0A

3 means that the number of cells is 3 cells, each The monomer voltage is 2V, and the total voltage is 6V; FM means valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery; 3.0 means that the rated capacity is 3AH; A means the code of different structural characteristics of the battery.

Product series

FM—Small density battery series

GFM—Medium density battery series

GM—Large density battery series

DZM-electric vehicle battery series

MA-dry charge motorcycle battery

YT dry charge maintenance-free battery series

BTX Sealed motorcycle battery series

Note: YT and BTX series refer to Japanese standard naming, omitting the number of monomers means that the whole series is 12V, and the characteristic code is uncertain before or after the rated capacity.

2. The meaning of Chinese pinyin letters used in batteries

3, lead-acid batteries The naming method of the electrode plate model for the product

Example: F1.8H+-positive plate for small density battery series , The rated capacity of the single-piece pole plate is 1.8Ah, and the performance characteristic is high-power type.

The product is related to

F-small density battery series

G medium and large density battery series

D electric vehicle battery series< /p>

M——Dry-charged motorcycle battery

YT—Dry-charged maintenance-free battery series

T sealed motorcycle battery series

above It is the meaning of the letters and numbers in the upper part of the lead-acid battery product label, and it is also the method of naming the battery. I hope to help everyone.

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