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Battery repair methods, how to choose and buy battery

by:dcfpower     2020-12-12

basic working principle of the storage battery is the battery when using electromagnetic energy to make the internal active material regeneration of the outside world, the electromagnetic energy stored as chemical energy, the need to discharge again take chemical energy into electromagnetic energy output, such as in daily life is relatively commonly used many kinds of mobile phone batteries, etc. So we should how to choose and buy the battery? When the battery is broken and how to repair? Let's take a look at how to repair battery methods, and small make up together to know it.

easy repair battery ( Only for motorcycle battery)

1。 First one is combined with added liquid, if the inside of the motorcycle battery electrolyte lower case, is can directly affect the storage performance of battery, so if this is the fault of the cases, the owner can be according to add additional liquid battery of battery repair

2. The first is to cure, if be used in the motorcycle time is relatively long, so its battery is likely to produce the phenomenon of sulfide, and produce battery after vulcanization, its internal lead, iron and sulfuric acid reactions will slow down, and if this time we want to stimulate its internal reaction faster, the simplest method is to use boiled water very hot. Pour inside the battery electrolyte clean first, then the internal filling water, shaking, repeat many times there is no doubt that there will be a reaction.

3。 The battery also can be used to repair instrument, and that a repair instrument is actually a pulse charger, the charger, unlike ordinary charger, its current would like waves into the interior of the storage battery, doing this can stimulate the battery, also can arouse the potential of the battery.

how to choose and buy battery

1, choose the enterprise brand battery car battery when the choose and buy, as far as possible to buy a corporate brand, product quality is guaranteed. Pay special attention to, however, firms are also fake brands, to regular of auto parts center of choose and buy.

2. Be careful with the refurbishment of some battery looks very new, is likely to be refurbishment, it'll have to see the making craft of battery is fine fine, outer-package is tight, etc. 3, must have the guarantee of choose and buy the new car battery, have to have a certain quality assurance period, so that the battery can use to live in. Do not use after a period of time will lose electricity can't use.

4, pay special attention to battery interface is a new battery after the choose and buy, want careful query interface, is not entirely new, trace of usefulness, some new battery to be used for a long time, not suitable for the choose and buy.

5, battery pay special attention to protect the choose and buy new battery, also need to pay special attention to electricity protection, not after the engine flameout also opened the headlight, very power consumption. Avoid driving at ordinary times, lights on the radio.

6, choose suitable size battery storage battery types and specifications have greater than the use of too small. Do you have a hidden trouble, so want to choose to suit his car storage battery, and according to the size of the electric power consumption and characteristics of the choose and buy is suitable for electric battery.

7, the choose and buy a new battery to pay special attention to query the battery production date and quality assurance period, the choose and buy the recent battery production ( The new battery) The new battery performance is good.

8, pay special attention to design special attention of battery design, should choose packaging delicate, appearance design is neat, tidy, no signs of leakage battery LCD.

9, choose environmental protection battery due to mercury in the storage battery is harmful to the environment, in order to protect the ecological environment, when the choose and buy should choose marked on the labels & other; Mercury-free & throughout; 、“ 0% mercury & throughout; 、“ Don't add mercury & throughout; The battery.

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