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Big xinjiang unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) activate cells starved to death

by:dcfpower     2020-12-07

if you encounter too xinjiang drones fly a fly with no electricity or is put on hold for a long time didn't use to use again at home, why suddenly found that the battery is low, this is likely to be battery starved to death, in this case we don't panic, we then look at xinjiang uav starved to death how to activate the battery.

method one: operation method: skip directly to the battery protection board is needed to activate, individuals can't operation, suggest to contact after the operation, daily use equipment, need on a regular basis to the battery, in order to avoid battery aging, if the device cannot charge, may be the battery is damaged, contact after-sales maintenance advice.

method 2: battery was starved to death, and distilled water inside have no, you need to add distilled water, if add distilled water is big also not line, then quickly change the new battery

usual big xinjiang unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) battery charging methods:

the smart battery used in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is very important, this is because they allow consumers to use simple daily safely for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) battery charging device. Intelligent battery with integrated electronics, can self balance of lithium polymer battery ( LiPo) The load of the battery. Standard ( The smart) LiPo batteries need a special charger, provides load balancing in the charging process. If the battery load did not correct balance, has very likely thermal events. Intelligent battery for ordinary consumers can carry drones charger and insert it into the wall socket & ndash; Like charge their phone. Finally will remain clear for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) battery, ensure that the user is safe and effective.

big xinjiang uavs batteries practical considerations:

1, xinjiang drones can't video, can be device memory is full, need to change the memory card.

2, using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), need to read the manual operation, in the city of xinjiang's official website, you can download the manual.

3, xinjiang uav has a flight simulation function, before using equipment, proposed to simulate flight, convenient user familiar with practical operation logic.

4, xinjiang unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) need to use in the open place, pay special attention to avoid the birds, all kinds of animals.

5, if big xinjiang unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight instability, may be the result, the electromagnetic interference of electromagnetic field, don't use the equipment in the vicinity of metal building, you can change the flight area to use again.

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