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Blade what batteries, compared to lithium batteries which good?

by:dcfpower     2020-10-22

do you have to understand the company developed a call & other; The blade battery & throughout; Things, what is the blade battery, blade cell is greater than or equal to the length 60 0 mm less than or equal to 2500 mm of monomer battery, can be arranged in array ways together, like & other; Throughout the blade &; Plugged into the battery pack. In electric power equipment, chief analyst at new energy industry, points out that the blade cell implements engineering and technical innovation, improve space utilization from four hundred percent to six hundred percent, at the same time has high security.

the battery industry experts thought that the blade five advantages

1. Standard system of the raw materials, the concept of energy density can reach 350 watts per kilogram, so huge potential for development is more important than the lithium iron phosphate.

2。 An obvious improve volumetric energy density. By patent, & other; The blade battery & throughout; Technology application PACK volume energy density of more than three hundred and thirty watts per hour/L, the inherent cells system can be improved to three hundred percent and above.

3。 More than three hundred percent and lower cost greatly. Can save raw materials, artificial service by reasonable cost, cost of battery pack is expected to reduce three hundred percent.

4。 Good thermal performance. Given the & other; The blade battery & throughout; Is thinner than the traditional square, so the cooling effect is stronger.

5。 Has high security, monomer battery array combination way, very safe and reliable

what is lithium battery

lithium ion battery is a lithium battery pack, lithium battery pack also contains lithium battery, ) , in view of the comprehensiveness of lithium ion battery application, in the discourse system at ordinary times, people used to refer to lithium ion batteries with lithium batteries, clear hydride and lithium-ion batteries is helpful to understand the difference between the current and future battery technology development direction, help to know the world battery industry present situation, now the new blade battery is also very representative,

lithium battery as a kind of idea not later than the nickel cadmium battery, but its practical application was late, due to the chemical properties of active lithium, make its are present in the production, use and transportation safety hidden trouble. Relying on scientific and technological progress gradually ease the pressure, the lithium battery has become a mainstream of contemporary battery technology, as for the new blade cell is likely will lead battery industry for a period of time.

the blade cell is? Compared to lithium batteries which good?

and now on the market more mainstream compared to lithium batteries, open in the passenger car market segmentation more apparently endless expanse of the heavens and the earth. And don't forget, lithium iron phosphate batteries itself cost is lower, and the volume energy density increasing levels from the battery pack on the structure characteristics of the components of reasonable save, it will also make further cost more competitive. The blade cell ( Quality based on the integration efficiency 80%, volume based on traditional lithium battery pack pack integration efficiency of 45% of the 1. Five times as much as 67% forecast)

and above is what blade batteries, lithium battery than which good? In this paper. What's the latest blade battery information can also tell us, we add up! !

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