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Brief analysis of the safe use of lithium batteries for drone aerial photography

by:dcfpower     2021-03-23

Let’s start to understand the basic parameters of the battery. Take a 22.2V 10000mAh aerial power battery as an example. It is composed of 6 lithium batteries with a rated voltage of 3.7V and a capacity of 10000mAh in series, which is often referred to as 6S1P. There are also 6S2P batteries, which consist of 12 5000mAh batteries connected in parallel and connected in series. One thing to note here is that 6S1P has a higher safety factor than 6S2P, because 1P is twice as simple as 2P, and of course the price of 1P is also higher.

In the lithium battery for model airplanes, the single-chip cell voltage of 3.7 V is the rated voltage, which is obtained from the average working voltage. The actual voltage of a single-chip lithium battery is 2.75~4.2 V, and the capacity of the lithium battery pack is the power obtained by discharging 4.2 V to 2.7 5 V. Lithium batteries must be used within the voltage range of 2.75~4.2V. If the voltage is lower than 2.75V, it is an over-discharge. The lithium battery pack will expand and the internal chemical liquid will crystallize. These crystals may pierce the internal structure layer and cause a short circuit, or even make the lithium battery pack voltage zero. When the single chip voltage is higher than 4.2V during charging, it is overcharged. The internal chemical reaction is too intense, and the lithium battery will swell and expand. If it continues to charge, it will expand and burn. Therefore, you must use a regular charger that meets safety standards to charge the battery, and it is strictly forbidden to modify the charger privately, which may cause very serious consequences!

One more reminder, remember-you cannot use the single-chip battery voltage of the aerial power battery to 2.75V. At this time, the battery can no longer provide the aircraft with effective power for flight. For safe flight, you can The alarm voltage of the chip is set to 3.6V. If this voltage is reached, or close to this voltage, the pilot must immediately perform a return or landing action to avoid the explosion of the aircraft due to insufficient battery voltage.

The discharge capacity of the battery is expressed in multiples (C), which means the maximum discharge current that can be achieved according to the nominal capacity of the battery. Common aerial batteries are 15C, 20C, 25C or higher C-number batteries. As for the C number, simply put, 1C is different for different capacity batteries. 1C means that the battery can continue to work for 1 hour when discharged with a discharge rate of 1C. Example: If a battery with a capacity of 10000mAh continues to work for 1 hour, the average current is 10000mAh, which is 10A, and 10A is the battery's 1C. If the battery is marked with 10000mAh 25C, then the maximum discharge current is 10A×25u003d250A. If it is 15C, then the maximum discharge current is 10A×15u003d150A. It can be seen from this that when the aircraft is in a large dynamic flight, the C number is higher. A high battery can provide more current support according to the moment of power consumption, and its discharge performance will be better. Of course, the higher the C number, the higher the battery price. It should be noted here that the discharge C number of the battery must not be exceeded, otherwise the battery may be scrapped or burned and exploded.

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