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Buy lithium battery should pay attention to

by:dcfpower     2020-11-05

lithium-ion battery pack is divided into power lithium battery and lithium polymer batteries. electrolyte solution is liquid, so more unstable than lithium polymer lithium battery pack, if use behavior is not in conformity with the provisions of the charger or by external forces or external factors, is likely to lead to safety concerns. Many smart phones, laptops and other portable electronic devices, the use of the battery is lithium battery. In order to be on the safe side, when buying a lithium battery pack pack must pay attention to the following points. The next to take a look at our manufacturer to buy lithium battery what do need to pay attention to.

1, the appearance of the lithium battery design and indicate the capacity of the

see appearance design is usually refers to the appearance of the lithium battery design, quality, size and production process. The line width is not wide, metal casing the joint have burrs, have besmirch, how about the touch touch, excellent production process is feels comfortable, after polishing, rubber oil polishing materials both feel good, at the same time insulation performance is also very strong. Did not explicitly indicate the capacity of the lithium-ion battery pack is likely to be in violation of regulations manufacturers use false lithium-ion battery pack or recycled lithium battery pack processing, these cells are likely to be sold back to the industry market. Industry on the market is to use the behavior of many cheap recycling batteries, although the price is low, but the cycle is short, the product quality is not stable, careless application will destroy cell phone. In addition, we should also look at any of the matched charger, and there is no matching chargers will be late because of a mixture of the lead-acid charger cause the damage of the battery.

2。 Is there a guarantee the standby time

lithium ion batteries battery will continue to use the battery charging to mobile phone next time. Rechargeable batteries in the industry market cannot guarantee the customer continue to use behavior, and this is mainly because the battery itself raw material is not stable, many applications of low lithium battery with poor product quality, so on standby time is short.

3。 pack is equipped with safety protection circuit board

the characteristics of lithium battery depends on the lithium battery must plus protection board, in order to avoid the lithium battery overcharge, discharge and short circuit conditions, without lithium battery pack protection board will have to bend, the danger of leakage and explosion. Under the fierce price war, the battery assembly house seeking cheaper protection circuit, or ultimately ignored the device, the force on the market is permeated with explosion danger of lithium battery. So, in fact consumers cannot be distinguished from the appearance design is in a protection circuit board, so it's best to choose reputable stores to buy. If there is no circuit board maintenance, lithium-ion battery pack will be bent, leakage and explosion danger. In the same industry in the fierce market competition, every Chinese family is looking for a lower price the maintenance of the circuit board, then ignore the lithium battery safety protector, such industry of liquidity in the market there is the risk of explosion safety. Customers don't know the power lithium batteries have repair circuit board.

4。 Look at the manufacturer's brand ( Such as the manufacturer brand is very good)

a lot of enterprise brand lithium batteries, product quality is difficult to see from appearance design. In this kind of situation, we will do more work before choosing, how to's official website check the vendor information. Normally, the more trustworthy than small processing plants, technology professional manufacturers engaged in time longer than just entering the field of firms are more trustworthy. Like shenzhen LeJi co. , LTD. , established in 2001 has been for 19 years, professional nimh batteries, lithium-ion battery production process.

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