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Buying large capacity ternary lithium battery price how many money

by:dcfpower     2020-11-25

the ternary lithium battery with ternary material as the anode material of power lithium batteries has in recent years, relying on its high storage capacity, cycle stability ( Battery life) Good, manufacturing costs are relatively low advantage, gradually replaced the nimh batteries, cobalt acid lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, into manufacturing industries at the core of the battery on the market at present stage. But there are still a lot of consumer customers found many electric car users for ternary lithium batteries but know very little, if you want to start also don't know to choose which type of! So what to buy large capacity ternary lithium battery price how many money does, let people ternary lithium battery manufacturers show all to know the price manufacturing industry.

a. Types of lithium batteries

first take you know lithium battery types, lithium-ion batteries in general can be divided into lithium ion battery and lithium battery has what is called ternary lithium batteries, cobalt, nickel and manganese ternary material as the anode material of lithium battery, it deals with the defects about the worse performance of high temperature of the lithium manganese acid, and improve the specific energy of the battery. In the lithium battery by GilbertN at the earliest. Lewis in 1912 put forward and research analysis, considering the lithium chemistry extremely lively, lead to lithium metal manufacturing and high demand for use on the environment, the production safety accidents, such as easy to explode so lithium battery pack is difficult to be commercial use. Considering the lithium ion battery manufacturing materials can be diversified, and thus to reduce manufacturing cost, at the same time through more than ten years of safety testing, eventually released by SONY in 1991 the first commercial lithium battery pack, so innovation in the face of consumer electronic equipment, and gradually used in energy storage power system, ups power supply, electric tools, transportation, military equipment, and new domains such as aerospace engineering. Nowadays, lithium ion batteries used in electric vehicle products is relatively common, and solves the electric car is more lightweight, neat MeiGuanHua product demand.

2, how to buy good ternary lithium battery brand

1. Join: very strong reasonable layout of li-ion battery, multi-industries outstanding

join international investment, new energy research and development of new li-ion battery production base foundation stone laying ceremony at the grand opening of huaibei city, anhui province, the project covers an area of 220 mu, total construction area of 190000 square meters, the estimated total investment of 1. 2 billion yuan. Base using new technology and new production line, the purpose is to manufacture a novel of the principle of lithium electricity enterprise products! After the completion of the construction, the annual production value forecast 4 GWH lithium ion power battery, which can realize annual sales income 5 billion yuan. In the future, join was approaching in the lithium battery manufacturing industry, is worth looking forward to very much!

2。 Day lithium electricity: manufacturing industry leader

day lithium electricity rely on high quality high quality, high reputation and popularity won the customer trust in golden globe brand. With new energy, electric cars, intelligent manufacturing system, and other industries to social change, day in lithium electricity to speed up the development of electric vehicle batteries, lithium ion batteries and other strategic strategic emerging industries, in the strong brand force and marketing force, under the influence of day prominent advantage is becoming more and more!

3。 Xu sent li-ion battery: the lithium electricity new plant construction completed, double capacity

xu sent safe lithium battery one of the leading enterprises in the manufacturing industry, to build a world class modern lithium battery exclusive manufacturing production workshop, has now successfully completed! High-end automation equipment production capacity to further improve the production efficiency at the same time also reduce the manufacturing cost, at the same time also will further enhance the product quality and integrity, xu send lithium battery safety issued by plenty of ammunition for dealers under the new future, significantly enhance the establishment of the new factory xu sent security li-ion battery capacity.


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lithium battery price how many money to buy three yuan

actual size specifications for different types of ternary lithium battery price how much lithium battery custom price is different, if you need detailed configuration parameters, also please contact customer service for your answer. Ok, thank you very much appreciate how many Qian Wenzhang ternary lithium battery price, if you need help, please call. You will try to meet the requirements of the people here to you.

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