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Byd's blade battery please, compared to nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries which good?

by:dcfpower     2020-11-14

you have known at the beginning of 2020 the company developed a call & other; The blade battery & throughout; Thing, what is the blade battery, blade battery is higher than or equal to the total length of 60 mm less than or equal to 2500 mm of a single cell, can use the way of array configuration together, like & other; Throughout the blade &; Plugged into the battery pack. In the electrical and mechanical equipment, chief executive of new energy industry, an industry analyst at it seems clear that the blade battery for engineering technology innovation, continuously improve the space utilization from four hundred percent to six hundred percent, at the same time has high safety performance, strong endurance.

the blade is not its official name, byd's official statement is: & lsquo; Super lithium iron batteries & rsquo; 。 It is the total length by expanding the batteries to the structure of array type plug into the battery pack, and then continue to improve the battery performance. Considering a single appearance design is relatively flat, so called & other; The blade battery & throughout;

this blade cell is in the e6 byd's previous use battery framework on the basis of a continuous improvement, maximum amplitude enhances the appearance of the battery to the total length of 800 mm, significantly reduce the appearance of the steel plate thickness to 20 mm, enhance the capacity of a single cell, and thus can enhance the appearance of the energy density of two hundred percent, a single capacity enhancement is another benefits during the cost greatly reduced, mainly including single parts during the period costs and PACK spare parts and assembly cost greatly reduced, and the direction of the steel plate thickness thinning can enhance heat dissipation, continue to improve the thermal performance of the battery, blade structure types can also let the local thermal battery can't control the damage in battery internal communication will be more relatively slow some, is likely to be good for safety performance enhancements. This is all some benefits, drawbacks is greatly increase the processing difficulty coefficient, though byd is a very high level of domestic manufacturing battery manufacturers, but it can still is a test.

the battery industry experts thought that the blade five advantages

1. Compared with nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries in the safety performance enhancement is big, can effectively use pills scientific experiments. Blade batteries in the unit volume energy density increase five hundred percent, at the same time of the period cost decrease two hundred percent Three hundred percent

2. Life ability by the batteries can be directly into a bag. Don't dismiss this operation method, byd said blade battery unit volume energy density and therefore increase by five hundred percent. Its overall energy density enhancements to the consumer market is the real life.

3。 During the cost greatly reduced three hundred percent or more. Be able to use scientific and reasonable save raw materials, artificial service charge, etc. , during during the battery pack is expected to significantly reduce cost by three hundred percent.

4。 The indoor cooling process performance is good. Considering the & other; The blade battery & throughout; Is thinner than the traditional square, so that the cooling effect is stronger.

5。 Has high safety performance, the blade battery is still on the nature of the lithium iron phosphate batteries, byd on this formula framework to do the battery package structure characteristics of independent innovation, the reason of 'blade', batteries and battery pack that the structural characteristics of independent innovation of batteries after a long pole ear distance between reduced the risk of internal short circuit and the production of heat, thinner thickness of steel plate is also further dropped sharply in the process of piercing heat accumulation for a long time, the compressive strength and safety protection of the battery pack is obtained.

the blade cell is? With nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries than which good?

and now on the market at present stage is relatively compared to mainstream nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, open in the electronics equipment instrument market segment more apparently endless expanse of the heavens and the earth. And don't recall, nimh batteries during its cost is lower, and the volume energy density to increase the level from the battery pack on the structure characteristics of the components of scientific and reasonable save greatly, which will further lead to cost during more competitive. The blade cell ( Quality is derived from the integration efficiency of 80%, volume is derived from the traditional lithium battery pack pack integration efficiency of 45% of the 1. Five times as much as 67% expected)

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